About Spain

Leaving lasting impressions in all the participants is assured if Spain is chosen for your next incentive. Spain is the unique country who has two cities in the ICCA’s best European destinations: Barcelona and Madrid which together with the cultural attractions, gastronomy, natural wonders and sports are only some of the experiences that will make you gain your objectives.

In just one country, you can live different experiences: Modernism & Gaudí experience in Barcelona, The Madrid of the Austrians in the capital of Spain, the World Heritage Status by UNESCO of Tramuntana Range in Mallorca; Córdoba: capital of Muslim Spain; Seville: a city that has been Arab, Jewish & Roman; the most beautiful fortress in the World: The Alhambra in Granada; La Rioja: the area where wine is more than a beverage – it is a shared culture…

Destination highlights:

  • Full comprehensive destination including arts, islands, seaside, mountains and beautiful countryside
  • Well connected with USA via Madrid and Barcelona airports. Madrid is amongst the top biggest five airports in Europe
  • It is an affordable country
  • Beautiful sun kissed Mediterranean coast. Mountains are just around the corner.
  • Bullet train between the most important cities (Madrid – Barcelona 2H45M)
  • You will also encounter Egyptian temples (Madrid), Roman ruins (Catalonia) or Moorish palaces(Granada)
  • Our parties are legendary: San Fermines (Pamplona’s running of the bulls), Feria de Abril (flamenco party) or Saint John (dance with horses-Mallorca)…
  • Amazing Cathedrals (Sagrada Familia-Barcelona), 1000-years old mosques (Cordoba)…
  • Our wines always awarded between the 10 best wines in the world
  • Tapas paradise, you can try our time-honoured Spanish tradition
  • Mallorca island voted the best second island in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • We have the second best and the oldest restaurants in the world
  • Some of the best cuisine in the world: 170+ Michelin starred restaurants
  • Museums: Prado (Madrid-between top 5 in the world), Dali (north of Barcelona), Modernist buildings of Antonio Gaudí (Barcelona – Casa Batlló, Pedrera, Park Güell)
  • Spain is full of variety, offering distinct regional cultures and very different geographical terrain
  • People in Spain welcome visitors

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