Washington DC

About Washington DC

Welcome to the District! Hosts DC is thrilled to offer you and your guests the best our city has to offer, and then some. Here, in the capital of the United States, history comes alive. Guests will take in the sights of America’s past and enjoy a rich culture unique to the DC – full of award-winning restaurants, special event venues, museums, galleries, top-notch entertainment, boutique shopping, and more. DC proudly boasts some of the greenest parks in the country, architectural masterpieces and monuments, incredible international flavor – and most importantly – access to ideas and innovation at the global epicenter of thought leadership.

Why DC?

  1. Meet at the intersection of access and ideas: Washington DC is America’s most educated city, home to 21 world-class colleges and universities
  2. Clean and green:  DC is the 1st LEED Platinum City in the world, the fittest city in the world, and ranks #3 by Fast company of the best US city for urban parks.
  3. Inspiring (and endless!) options for events: Whether it’s the iconic and world-renowned museums, state of the art boundary pushing galleries, a raw industrial space, an international embassy, or those picturesque water front views, hundreds of unique event venues are found across the city, each with their own unique flair. Luxury or laid back, we’ve got you covered.
  4. A foodie’s field day: Michelin stars and street fair favorites – there’s something for every taste in the district. One of four cities in America with a Michelin Guide Book, DC’s award winning chefs are sure to leave taste buds wanting more. Whether it’s seated at a new city hotspot, on foot, or on the water, unique group dining experiences can be found in every corner of the city.
  5. Something old, something new: A city rich with history yet booming with $11.5 billion in new development.  Whether you haven’t been to DC in 6 months or since your 8th grade field trip, we guarantee there’s always something new to see.
  6. Leverage great lift: You’re cleared for takeoff! Getting your guests here is a breeze. With 3 major airports that handle over 1,000 domestic and international flights daily, you’re just a short stop away from exploring The Capital City itself. What are you waiting for?


We’ll provide much more than consultation and execution for your group program – we’ll work with you to create impactful impressions and salient memories in our nation’s capital city. Our roots in Washington DC go back more than 45 years, and that longevity is key to our thriving deep-seeded relationships we cherish in our local community. In a transient city, this type of commitment matters. When you need a friend in Washington, Hosts has your back (and all of your attendees’ best interests in mind!).

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