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2nd Annual HGA Global Forum Leaves its Footprint on Cancun, Mexico!


Hospitality industry professionals gathered in Cancun, Mexico from June 5th – 8th for the 2nd Annual HGA Global Forum. The HGA Global Forum included quality educational sessions, local off-site activities, and a heaping dose of The H Factor with a CSR event that left tears of happiness in the eyes of attendees.

The Forum started with a one of a kind introduction of the HGA Members. From Japan to the Bahamas, everyone displayed a photo of what truly made their heart happy. This unique showcase, complete with a Pharrell Williams “Happy” soundtrack, kicked off the HGA Global Forum with the understanding that everyone was there to have fun and share their love of the hospitality industry with one another.

The educational sessions included informative presentations on popular trends, industry challenges, insurance and risk management, as well as an in depth review of the importance of understanding human trafficking and how it can impact the hospitality industry.

If you’re anything like me, you know that no trip to Mexico would be complete without some fun, off-site, local tours. Attendees chose from a number of local outings that included snorkeling off a catamaran, swimming with dolphins, speed boating in the jungle, exploring local museums, or my classic favorites, a golf outing or spa day. The comradery that was kindled during these activities continued through to the CSR event the following day.

As attendees entered the CSR event to their very own grand entrance they were added into teams for the big event of the night – the turtle piñata making contest! After being educated on the local turtle habitat in Cancun, Mexico and the importance of preservation of the species, attendees gathered together to see who could make the best turtle piñata. Soon, a variety of turtle piñatas emerged, in the midst of flying crate paper and more paper mâché than one person should ever see in their lifetime. Filled with school supplies and candy, they were to be donated to Cancun ProKids, a local nonprofit organization that protects minors that have been abandoned, exploited or victims of domestic violence. As the event came to an end, a surprise arrived at the door; the children from Cancun ProKids had come to collect their piñatas! The smiles on their faces could only be described as pure joy as they scooped up the piñatas and headed for the door through The H Factor tunnel of happiness.


After a whirlwind of education, activities, and giving back to the community, the HGA Global Forum closed with a farewell reception and the 2nd Annual Hosts Honors Awards. The Honors Awards recipients this year included:

  • Critic’s Choice Award:   Hosts Las Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Brand Honors Award:   Cream of the Crop Events – Southern Florida
  • Leadership Honors Award:   Sadik Caglar of o.d.s. Turkey – Turkey
  • HGA DMC of the Year 2013:   NXTevent – Boston, Massachusetts

Following the Hosts Honors Awards, attendees danced the night away to the cool sounds of Kassiano Entertainment, Inc.  But just like all good things, the HGA Global Forum had to come to an end.

Whether you were looking to swim with the dolphins, be educated on hospitality trends and best practices, or just wanted to relax with your feet in the sand and a frozen beverage in hand, this year’s HGA Global Forum had something to suit everyone. Everyone who attended can attest, Hosts Global Alliance has got The H Factor Fever, and the only cure for that fever is a whole lot more hospitality, heart, and of course, happiness.

Wendy Lueras

Marketing & Corporate Analytics Manager, Hosts Global