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Cvent Connect: Event Success Starts Here

Last week the event community gathered together at the Cvent Connect conference in Las Vegas for a week of education, networking, and event solutions. Dee Kirby, VP of Sales for Hosts Global Alliance, and I were in attendance as representation from HGA to learn, experience, and mingle with attendees. What an experience it was!

The educational aspect of the conference was definitely top notch. From social media event enhancements, to learning how to strategize with vendors, there was not a shortage of information. The learning experience was extremely valuable and will enable us to better assist clients with event solutions. In addition to discussing tools already implemented with Cvent, they also mentioned some up and coming enhancements to the system. Cvent Express, abstract management, Inquisim surveys, lead retrieval, and one on one appointment solutions were just a few of the key items that they hope to launch in the coming year. From a supplier standpoint, they also discussed some enhancements that will make the life of a supplier much easier, such as the Cvent Hospitality Cloud, a new shortened RFP page for smaller programs, and enhancements to their app capabilities. Throughout the event all of the social buzz around Cvent was displayed on their Social Wall, which comprised tweets and Instagram posts that used the Cvent Connect hashtag.

Included in the education sessions were some remarkable keynote speakers. Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post, Juliet Funt of WhiteSpace at Work, and Ivanka Trump of the Trump Organization all talked about how to best integrate work life and personal life. They discussed how sometimes the best thing that you can do is to disconnect from your work to ensure your own proper health and the wellbeing of your family. It was truly inspirational to hear women who understood that stress happens, but you cannot let it overtake your life. The goal is to integrate personal and professional life to achieve true happiness and balance, and their message was well received and very helpful in understanding how to set priorities for both aspects of your life at the same time.  In addition to keynotes and education, the lunch on Wednesday was set at the Cvent Plannie Awards. Winners took the stage to accept awards ranging from Best Event Website to Rookie of the Year. Notable winner included Cisco Systems, the Estee Lauder Company and Stella & Dot.

Cvent Collage

During the education aspect, MGM Grand showered the attendees with an abundance of delicious food options. The breakfasts, lunches, and breaks were absolutely delicious! The moment you thought that you may feel a slight tingly of hunger, you would look up and see some new tasty treat that emerged and was waiting for you to devour it. In addition to the amazing food, MGM Grand really displayed their renovated rooms and property nicely.

The great display from the hotel didn’t stop when the education sessions ended; the evening events that the MGM Grand threw were also spectacular. Tuesday evening attendees were ushered to the pool for a little nosh and swig while they watched acrobats in floating pool bubbles and a band comprised of MGM staff! Who would have thought that a Chef, VP of Sales, and other employees could be such great rockstars; what a talented group of people! How would MGM follow such a fun night? Well the answer was given to us at the Wednesday night event at the Hakkasan night club. What a fantastic display of fun, food, and entertainment! From aerial acrobatics to dancing, the fun was felt throughout the room. The food was delicious, the cocktails were refreshing, and the company couldn’t have been better. MGM could have stopped there, but the event didn’t just end once the after party was over; when you returned to your room there was a themed amenity awaiting you that matched the event you just attended – A beach towel with bottled water and snacks after the pool party, and a MGM take home glass with a bottle of wine after the Hakkasan soiree.

It is remarkable when event professionals come together and experience a fantastic few days, but what makes it even better is when you take away such valuable knowledge and wonderful memories. That is what Cvent Connect supplied for all of its attendees, and we can’t wait to see how they top themselves next year!

Dee Kirby, VP of Sales
Hosts Global Alliance


Wendy Lueras, Marketing & Corporate Analytics Manager
Hosts Global