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HGA Member, The Event Team, Announces New Give-Back Program


The Event Team, servicing Southern California, is no stranger to Philanthropic programs as many of the team building events we produce for clients incorporate CSR components of some sort. Whether it’s bikes for underprivileged youth, backpacks for schools, canned goods for local food banks, or care packages for military families, The Event Team is accustomed to helping our clients give back.

Unfortunately, the time constraints and constant deadlines we face throughout the year have left little time for our own philanthropic efforts. We also like to give back, but typically our community spirit projects are run in conjunction with the holidays and are naturally placed on the back burner as business revs up. This year, we’ve decided to up our do-good game by committing to an annual giveback project that lasts the duration of the year.

Being a member of Hosts Global Alliance, our clients experience the H Factor every program we execute and one of those H factor characteristics we are proud of is Heart. We really do care about our clients and our community.  For every piece of business we book in 2015, The Event Team will now donate a brand new book to a local Boys and Girls Club chapter. We know it’s just a small gesture, but we want our clients to know that a vote of confidence in The Event Team translates to a greater commitment to our community. If January is any indication of how successful this project will be (30 programs on the books so far!), we can’t wait to read the final tally!

“I’ve always been proud of the wonderful CSR programs that The Event Team executes for clients, but it’s extra exciting to take our community involvement to another level,” says Lindsay White, The Event Team’s Director of Marketing. “Books were so important to me growing up, and I’m glad to be part of a company that is helping promote youth literacy.”

-The Event Team