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Hosts Hot Spots: Nashville, TN


From its very beginnings, Nashville has grown from a foundation built on music. Music has been the common thread connecting the life and soul of the city and its people. Tucked in the center of the rolling hills of Tennessee, Nashville is home to more than 130 music venues around town, from large arenas to intimate clubs; featuring nearly every genre of music, it’s easy to see why music calls Nashville Home. Attractions such as the Grand Ole Opry, America’s longest-running radio show, and the Ryman Auditorium, the mother church of country music, have lit the fuse for Nashville to explode into a geographic center for touring and recording. But while Nashville has long been known for its music scene, the talent and creativity of its culinary scene has recently put Nashville on the map. Nashville’s creative spirit has certainly infiltrated into its kitchens, turning them into the chef’s studio. From Southern fare to haute cuisine to quite literally everything in between, Nashville’s palate offers it all. Come experience all that Nashville has to offer!


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If you were visiting and had only 24 hours to spend in Nashville, what would you do?

“Stay at the Omni Hotel, visit the country music hall of fame, see the Ryman, and then go out Honky Tonkin.” Ashley Jenkins – Sales Manager

What is one thing that most people do not know about Nashville?

“Many people think we just have country music in Nashville. However, every genre of music is represented in Music City, and you can hear it live starting at 11:00am in every live music venue in the city!”  Robyn Bass – President

What is your favorite local dish? And what restaurant makes it the best?

“I’m a huge fan of Nashville Hot Chicken, since it’s such a local dish. Party Fowl definitely serves the best hot chicken and has some very unique southern favorites with it. One of my favorites; you can’t leave Nashville without trying that.” Marie Voitus – Operations Manager

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