Costa Rica

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a small country in the middle of the Americas. A tropical hideaway where nature, adventure, peace, comfort and happiness co-exist. Costa Rica is a fantastic destination for any weary traveler. However, the question comes: What makes it so great for Incentive Travel and Meetings?

At Premio DMC we would like to give you two seasons, six reasons and a lifetime love for Costa Rica. This is the sort of country that makes visitors want to come back over and over. There is so much to see and to do in such little space that one visit is never enough. Its condensed beauty, its people, its astonishing landscapes and amazing colors turn the environmentally-friendly Costa Rica into a love that lasts for a lifetime.

Destination Highlights:

  • Peace: Costa Rica does not have a standing army since 1948. It is also neutral, and one of the safest countries on the planet, politically speaking.
  • Nature: as small as it is, Costa Rica holds 5% of the total biodiversity in the world. The extreme diversity is partially explained by the geography of the country: located between two big continental masses and two oceans and with several mountain ranges. Also, the conservation policies developed during the 1970’s have contributed to this invaluable treasure.
  • Infrastructure and Service: you can find a vast array of accommodations in Costa Rica, from the luxury properties to the comfort of great all-inclusive options, to the beauty and tranquility of nature lodges; modern venues and meeting facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Friendliness: happy people are friendly. That is not a secret. Moreover, Costa Rica has topped the Happy Planet Index rankings repeatedly, as the happiest country on Earth. Participants have this impression from the moment they arrive to the country, go into towns, or have any interaction with Costa Ricans.
  • Sustainability: Costa Rica is a leader in sustainable travel. Visitors find several programs to encourage environmentally friendly practices throughout the country in services related to the meeting and incentive travel industry.
  • Education: The literacy rate in Costa Rica is 96%. In a country with no army, the budget is heavily inclined towards education, and you can witness this in the high quality of service.

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