About Delaware

Since 1994 Roberts Event Group has been offering up the best in managing conferences, festivals, events and entertainment with a tireless work ethic, a true sense of enthusiasm, and a robust commitment to our clients.

Our multifaceted and multigenerational team have professional backgrounds in hospitality services, meeting management, communications, theater, the non-profit sector and the visual arts. We work together seamlessly on each program, so our clients benefit from our diverse experiences,  perspectives and personal styles. The end result is a whole that’s much greater than the sum of its parts.

More About Delaware:

  • Wilmington, Delaware is 2 hours 17 minutes from NYC
  • Wilmington, Delaware is 2 hours 21 minutes from DC
  • Delaware Region offers 6,000 hotel rooms
  • Claim to fame: No sales tax on shopping, dining, or entertainment!

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