About Germany

The only German destination company with six offices covering every city and region in the country, Compass Tours Incoming has a stellar reputation that reaches far beyond Germany’s border. It was named among the Top 25 Destination Management Companies world wide by Special Events Magazine, the premier journal for the North American industry. Indeed, it is the only German establishment to ever make the list. The company’s well-trained staff in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich reflect a diversity of ages, backgrounds and skills and in 2014 proudly celebrated the company’s 40th birthday.

Germany Highlights:

Berlin & Munich, the 2 opposite faces of Germany

High-speed driving on the German Autobahn

Politically stable, lowest number of strikes in Europe

Fantastic price/value-ratio, lowest prices for hotels in Europe’s main cities

Neuschwanstein Castle, the “Disneyland Castle”


Frankfurt, Hamburg, Duesseldorf, Cologne, Rothenburg, Dresden and many more

Event preparations as perfect as possible – events “made in Germany”

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