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Conceptours, The Destination & Event Management Company of Greece, was founded in 1977 and currently employs a full time multilingual staff of 15. Conceptours is renowned as one of Greece’s top Destination Management Companies specializing in the planning, designing and meticulous operation of major conferences, incentives, meetings, symposiums, and a distinct separate FIT department provides personalized services to leisure travelers.  Conceptours has received numerous awards of excellence including from major international travel trade associations and the Greek National Tourist Organisation. We are proud that the respected International Herald Tribune pronounced Conceptours as the leading Destination Management Company in Greece.

Fun facts about Greece

With an area of 50,949 square miles (131,958 square kilometers), Greece is roughly the size of Alabama. The population of Greece is more than 10 million people.—comparatively, the population of Alabama is around 4.5 million.

Approximately 16.5 million tourists visit Greece each year, more than the country’s entire population. Tourism constitutes nearly 16% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Greece enjoys more than 250 days of sunshine—or 3,000 sunny hours—a year.

Greece has more than 6,000 islands – 227 inhabited and over 9,000 miles of coastline, the 10th longest in the world. No point in Greece is more than 85 miles (137 kilometers) away from water. The length of Greece’s coastline is estimated at 9,300 miles; America’s coastline is estimated at 11,800 miles. The land area of Greece is slightly smaller than Alabama.

Greece has more archaeological museums than any other country in the world.

13% of the English Dictionary is derived from Greek words. Thousands of English words come from the Greek language, sometimes via the Roman adaptation into Latin and then to English. Common English words from Greek include “academy,” “apology,” “marathon,” “siren,” “alphabet,” and “typhoon. Also, the Greek Alphabet is the forerunner of today’s English alphabet.

Continuously inhabited for over 7,000 years, Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world. It is also the birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, the Olympic Games, political science, Western literature, historiography, major mathematical principles, and Western theories of tragedy and comedy. Greek has been spoken for more than 3,000 years, making it one of the oldest languages in Europe

Greek food today, with slight variations is about the same as it has been for over 2000 years.

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