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The HGA Team Meets in New Orleans


The Hosts Global Alliance team came together on July 23rd to discuss industry trends, review company culture and discuss how we can continue to exceed the expectations of clients. This gathering of the minds included all of the Global Sales Liaisons (Karen Christensen, Dee Kirby, Rachel Elliott and Serena Melancon), their coordinators (Elizabeth Duffy, Chelle Duke and Lindsey Lasserre), HGA President, Marty MacKay, and Associate Director of Global Events and Communications, Denise Marie Germano.

The day was spent coming up with strategic ways that we can continue to enhance our excellent customer service for clients. The H Factor is something that is truly important to us, and we wanted to make sure we are setting the stage for the rest of the DMC industry by showing everyone what we have (and what others don’t!). We also discussed the ways that we can best highlight our 190 amazing destinations to our clients. Our global reach is truly spectacular and very unique…and we keep growing!

Following the day of brainstorming, we connected with our New Orleans HGA member, Hosts New Orleans, for a small reception where we had an opportunity to mix and mingle with the city’s best. We were so thankful for Hosts New Orleans’ H Factor! From the personalized arrivals and departures to the yummy treats in our rooms, the Hosts New Orleans team sure knew how to make us feel special.

It was a successful day of planning and strategic brainstorming that left us all with a warm feeling in our hearts and a common goal in our minds – To continue to be the destination management leader worldwide, the DMC that clients want to work with and that people want to work for!

– Serena Melancon
Vice President of Sales, Hosts Global Alliance

HGA Meeting