About Hosts Global

Trendsetters and tastemakers for
more than 60 years


Since our inception as USA Hosts, clients have leaned on us as their strategic partners and in-the-know local experts.


USA Hosts transformed to Hosts Global, expanding our reach and capabilities to 6 continents.


Through our global collection of DMCs, we offer full-service destination management in the most desired, emerging and in-demand cities.

Reliability doesn't happen by chance

Our obsessively high standards mean you work with
the best solution right from the start.


We have proven experience and 60+ years of operational excellence.

Financial & corporate stability

We offer full-service capabilities and strong financial standing.

Liability insurance

We carry insurance minimums beyond industry standards and require the same from our supplier partners.

Service requirements

We guarantee a 24-hour (or less) client response time and deliver a consistent site inspection policy.

Risk mitigation

We have planning tools in place for Emergency Preparedness and GDPR to ensure safety and data protection for all parties.


We are committed to best practices and continued education through industry certification.


We don’t just show up, we’re actively participating in the hospitality community and professional industry associations.

Company culture

An engaging and positive company culture is critical to our mutual success. All our team members are onboard.

Your global sales liaison

We will streamline your planning destination to destination with the leadership of a global liaison, who will serve as your main contact. In addition to acting as the bridge between you and our global DMCs, they will ensure consistency and continuity at every step, from proposals to fiscal tracking.

It’s the DNA of our people.

It drives our company culture and unwavering devotion to positivity, our clients and our industry. What is it? The H Factor is not just a play on words. Sure, the H stands for Hosts, but it’s more than that. It is a differentiator and a draw for clients eager to work with partners who are passionate about what they do.


For our clients and for each other.


We create it and live it, every day.


Hosts delivers. Every time, everywhere.


Hosts is fresh, bold and unique.


For each other, our community and our industry.


We work hard for our clients and win together.

Let’s make it happen

Grab your notebook. Time to get to business.