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Between the wafts of pulsating timba beats and the smoke of fine cigars, Cuba captivates with endless cultural and tropical treasures. Lead guests on a stroll past pristine vintage cars and pastel-hued colonial buildings. Tour sprawling tobacco plantations in Viñales Valley and learn how to roll the perfect cigar. At night, Cuba comes alive with the clinking of mojito glasses and salsa rhythms. From Havana to Trinidad, white sandy beaches to Afro-Cuban jazz clubs, Cuba beckons with an undeniable charisma that will enrapture you right on arrival.  

DMC services in the following locations:
  • Havana
  • Varadero

The DMC in Cuba just as visionary as you

IVI DMC Cuba is a trailblazer in corporate meeting planning and exclusive, client-focused experiences in Cuba. In fact, they are the first full-service DMC in the country.  In addition to achieving the industry’s most rigorous DMC criteria, they also offer: 


IVI DMC Cuba Partner and Regional Managing Director has 20+ years of tourism and event experience.

Industry Engagement

Proud members of SITE.


IVI DMC’s foundation, Amigos of the Planet, focuses on education, health and environment.

Highly Rated

IVI DMC’s client satisfaction rating consistently remains above 96.5%. Plus, they have 8,503 testimonials demonstrating their service since 1986.


The Cuba team can assist in several languages, including Spanish and English. 


The Cuba office was founded in 2015 and was the first full-service DMC in the country. 

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“Great time in your wonderful country. Everything was on time! Well-coordinated. The staff worked well to adjust to our needs”.  

President & CEO, Incentive Marketing Company

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