Destination Opening Status (Regular Updates)

Meetings and events will return. Will they be different? Yes. But the intent will remain, and people are yearning to gather with their colleagues to strategize, learn, inspire and make memories. When the time is right, we have to be ready at the gate to make it happen for them.

How? Lean on your local experts for destination status updates and phased re-opening information. Our teams are regularly updating details regarding their destination’s regulations to support kickstarting future live and hybrid planning efforts. For an easy-to-access overview, please leverage the download links below, and contact the team for more detail.

Quick Links: Destination Opening Status


“Work with partners, including DMCs, that have relationships with restaurants, entertainment venues, suppliers, local government, police, healthcare, and emergency response at the destination.” 

Incentive Research Foundation COVID-19 and Disruption in the Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events Industry: Adaptation and Recovery, June 2020

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