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NOW STREAMING! If you missed the LIVE webinar, don’t you worry – we’ve got you! Join Hosts Global, and Hosts Global Member REALM in a special Destination Spotlight Webinar featuring Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Embark on a journey to explore the diverse wonders and vibrant trends of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Vietnam, guided by the insights of local experts. Traverse Australia’s rugged outback and vibrant cities, wander through New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes and cultural hubs, soak in Singapore’s futuristic skyline and melting pot of traditions, and delve into Vietnam’s rich history and pulsating energy. This webinar is your gateway to the latest discoveries, the must-visit locales, and the most thrilling developments in these dynamic regions. Join us to ignite your wanderlust and gain insider knowledge straight from the hearts of those who know these places best.



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