Discover Austin: A Guide for Meeting and Event Planners

Welcome to the Live Music Capital of the World 

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Nestled along the scenic Lady Bird Lake, Austin stands as a hub of creativity, music, and vibrant culture. Beyond the iconic live music scene and eclectic atmosphere, the city unfolds as a dynamic canvas for extraordinary events. This guide is your key to unlocking the energy of the Live Music Capital of the World, offering insights into local expertise, diverse activities, hip accommodations, and unique venues that define Austin as a premier destination for unforgettable gatherings. 

Discover Local Expertise: Navigating the Creative Beat 

Hosts Global | Discover Austin Local Art

Hosts Global | Discover Austin Local Art

In the heart of Austin, our team navigates the city’s creative beat with finesse. Rooted in the local culture, we bring unparalleled expertise, ensuring seamless event execution. From partnerships with iconic music venues like the Moody Theater to connections with local artisans, our local knowledge elevates your event, infusing it with the spirit of Austin’s artistic energy. 

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More than Live Music: Unveiling the City’s Eclectic Vibe 

Beyond its renowned live music scene, Austin thrives as a city pulsating with an eclectic vibe, rich culture, and a kaleidoscope of experiences that beckon for exploration. This dynamic city, known as the Live Music Capital of the World, offers layers of diversity that extend far beyond its musical roots. 

The food truck haven of South Congress epitomizes Austin’s innovative and laid-back culinary scene. This bustling avenue is not just a street but a journey through flavors, where gourmet eateries and quirky food trucks serve everything from authentic Tex-Mex and smoky barbecue to avant-garde vegan dishes. It’s a place where foodies can indulge in a casual, yet deeply flavorful dining experience under the open Texas sky. 

The Domain, Austin’s tech-savvy and upscale neighborhood, presents a contrast with its modernist architecture and high-end boutiques. This area reflects the city’s burgeoning tech industry and entrepreneurial spirit, offering a sleek, contemporary ambiance for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It’s a testament to Austin’s ability to blend the cutting-edge with the traditional, making it a fascinating area for tech enthusiasts and shoppers alike. 

Lady Bird Lake, the heart and soul of Austin’s outdoor activities, offers a serene escape from the urban buzz. Whether referred to as Lady Bird Lake or Town Lake by long-standing residents, its trails and waters provide a natural playground for kayaking, paddle boarding, and jogging. It’s a communal space where Austinites connect with nature and each other, embodying the city’s love for the outdoors. 

Austin’s vibrant street art scene adds another layer to its eclectic vibe. From the iconic “Greetings from Austin” mural to the ever-changing graffiti park at Castle Hill, the city’s street art serves as more than just urban decorations. These colorful creations are a backdrop for unique events, photo ops, and casual strolls, blending artistry with modernity. They tell the story of a city that celebrates creativity and self-expression at every corner. 

Elevating Experiences 

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Exciting Activities: Transform your event in Austin into an immersive journey that captures the essence of this vibrant city. Begin with an exploration of Austin’s eclectic street murals that color the city’s urban landscape, from the famous “I Love You So Much” script on South Congress to the iconic murals of East Austin. These public artworks not only serve as a testament to the city’s rich cultural tapestry but also provide a visually stunning backdrop for group tours or photo scavenger hunts. 

Dive into Austin’s renowned culinary scene with a guided adventure through its myriad food truck parks, such as Rainey Street or The Picnic. Here, attendees can sample everything from smoky Texas barbecue to innovative vegan dishes, reflecting the city’s diverse and inclusive culinary spirit. Culinary tours or cooking challenges can be organized to foster team spirit and indulge in the flavors that make Austin a foodie’s paradise. 

Engage your attendees in team-building activities that channel Austin’s creative energy. Whether it’s a music-making workshop in a local studio, a group mural painting session, or a competitive paddle boarding race on Lady Bird Lake, these activities not only boost morale but also immerse participants in the unique lifestyle and ethos of Austin. 

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Hip Accommodations: Elevate your stay in the Live Music Capital with hip accommodations that embody Austin’s trendy and eclectic spirit. The retro charm of Hotel Saint Cecilia, nestled in the heart of South Congress, offers a secluded oasis with a vintage aesthetic, perfect for those seeking an intimate and inspiring retreat. Each room and suite are a homage to the rock and roll era, making it a favorite among musicians and artists alike. 

For a taste of classic luxury with a Texan twist, The Driskill stands as a historic landmark in downtown Austin. Its opulent interiors and grandeur offer a stark contrast to the city’s laid-back vibe, providing guests with a luxurious experience steeped in history and Southern hospitality. 

Austin’s accommodations range from boutique hotels with rooftop pools overlooking the city skyline to cozy bungalows in the eclectic East Side. Each property offers a unique experience, reflecting the city’s blend of modernity, tradition, and innovation, ensuring every visitor finds their perfect stay. 

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Unique Venues and Entertainment Options: Austin is a playground of unique event venues, each offering a distinct character and ambiance that can elevate any gathering. The industrial chic of Fair Market, with its spacious interior and flexible layout, provides a blank canvas for large-scale events, from corporate functions to creative showcases. Its location in East Austin also taps into the city’s vibrant arts scene, making it ideal for events seeking a contemporary edge. 

For those looking to captivate their guests with stunning views, The Oasis on Lake Travis is unparalleled. Perched high above the water, this venue offers panoramic vistas of the lake and surrounding hills, perfect for sunset receptions or elegant dinners. Its atmosphere combines natural beauty with casual sophistication, embodying the laid-back luxury of Austin. 

Enhance your events with exclusive access to Austin’s thriving live music scene. Intimate performances at The Mean Eyed Cat, a Johnny Cash-themed bar, or full production concerts at the historic Stubb’s Amphitheatre can infuse your gathering with the soulful sounds of the city. Whether you’re hosting a private concert or a music-themed team-building activity, Austin’s live music venues offer an authentic experience that resonates with the city’s musical heritage. 

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Sustainable Efforts 

The Event Sustainability Policy of our organization is to foster and implement initiatives that support sustainability in organizing, planning, and managing events, meetings, and conferences. Our commitment is to establish a position of sustainability leadership in our industry, providing resources and support for continual improvement. It is the policy of our organization to comply with the requirements of ISO 20121 International Standard for Event Sustainability Management Systems by implementing a certified Event Sustainability Management System, the Sustainable Meeting Planning Program® (SMPP® System). We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and use them to guide applicable aspects in our event planning. 

The purpose behind this policy is a commitment to our vision, principles, and values in support of preserving and protecting environmental, social, and economic conditions impacted by our organization. 

Our team will lead and promulgate sustainability in all event planning activities we control or influence.
Hosts Global | Discover Austin

Meet The Hosts Austin Team 

At the heart of our team lies a collective passion deeply rooted in the vibrant tapestry of Austin. Our team members are more than event planners; they are curators of experiences, weaving the threads of their own creativity into the events they craft. Rooted in this energetic  city, our team’s commitment goes beyond logistics; it’s a dedication to infusing every event with the spirit of Austin’s eclectic charm. Thriving on the diversity of this city, our team’s expertise transforms events into dynamic journeys that reflect the essence of Austin. Committed not just to the success but also the safety of every occasion, let us introduce you to a team that doesn’t just plan events; we craft immersive stories that unfold against the backdrop of our trendy hometown. 

As you navigate the possibilities of Austin, consider this guide your compass to crafting events that resonate with the city’s beat. Discover, engage, and create moments that harmonize with the creative pulse of the Live Music Capital of the World. 


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