Discover Fiji: A Guide for Event Planners

Welcome to the Breathtaking South Pacific 

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Escape to the enchanting paradise of Fiji, where azure waters meet pristine beaches and lush tropical landscapes. Fiji, with its warm hospitality and natural beauty, offers a haven for unforgettable events. This guide is your passport to unlocking the wonders of Fiji, offering insights into local expertise, diverse activities, luxurious accommodations, and unique venues that define Fiji as an idyllic destination for memorable gatherings. 

Local Expertise: Embracing Fijian Hospitality 

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At the heart of our approach lies a deep appreciation for Fiji’s unique culture and natural beauty. With roots deeply embedded in the local community, our team navigates Fiji’s islands with grace and respect. Our longstanding relationships with local vendors and suppliers ensure a flawless execution of events, from exquisite details to creative conceptualization. As esteemed partners with Fiji’s top resorts and venues, we bring a wealth of local expertise to the table, offering exclusive access to stunning locations and unparalleled service for an elevated event experience. 

More than Just Beaches: Exploring Fiji’s Diversity 

Hosts Global | Discover Fiji

Fiji, renowned for its idyllic islands and turquoise waters, offers a realm of discovery that extends far beyond its shoreline paradises. This archipelago is a vibrant mosaic of landscapes, cultures, and sensory experiences, each island with its own story, waiting to enchant visitors with its unique charms. From the soft coral gardens of the Coral Coast to the emerald canopies of Taveuni’s rainforests, Fiji’s natural wonders create a backdrop for adventure and tranquility alike. 

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Cultural Immersion in Fijian Villages: 

The heart of Fiji’s allure lies in the warmth and traditions of its people. Visiting local Fijian villages offers a glimpse into the soul of the islands, where age-old customs and communal living are preserved. Participate in a traditional kava ceremony, where the communal drinking of kava root beverage opens doors to Fijian hospitality and stories of island life. These experiences foster a deep connection to Fiji’s cultural heritage, enriching visitors’ understanding and appreciation of the island’s way of life. 

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Culinary Explorations: 

Fiji’s culinary landscape is as diverse as its ecosystems, blending indigenous ingredients with influences from Indian, Chinese, and colonial cuisines. A journey through local markets unveils a bounty of tropical fruits, vegetables, and fresh seafood, inviting a taste of the islands’ rich flavors. Culinary tours or cooking classes reveal the secrets of Fijian cooking, from the traditional lovo earth oven feasts to the spicy curries that have become a staple in the Fijian diet, offering a flavorful exploration of the islands’ gastronomic diversity. 

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Adventure Awaits: 

For those seeking adventure, Fiji’s islands offer a playground of activities that range from the serene to the exhilarating. Snorkeling and diving in places like the Great Astrolabe Reef expose the vibrant underwater life that thrives in Fiji’s clear waters. For a terrestrial thrill, zip-lining through the lush forests of the Pacific Harbour provides a bird’s-eye view of the islands’ breathtaking landscapes. And for a moment of relaxation, nothing compares to a traditional Fijian bobo massage on the beach, where the rhythmic sounds of the ocean accompany a deeply soothing experience. 

Hosts Global | Discover Fiji

Hosts Global | Discover Fiji

Embracing Fiji’s Multifaceted Beauty: 

To explore Fiji is to embrace the diversity that defines these islands. Beyond the iconic imagery of sun-soaked beaches lies a world rich in culture, flavor, and adventure. From the vibrant reefs of the Coral Coast to the serene traditions of its villages, Fiji invites visitors to let go of preconceived notions and discover the multifaceted beauty that thrives within its shores. Each island, each village, and each experience weaves together a narrative of Fiji that is as complex as it is captivating, beckoning travelers to immerse themselves fully in the essence of this island paradise.

Elevating Experiences 

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Exciting Activities: Transform your event in Fiji into an unparalleled adventure that captivates the essence of this tropical paradise. Begin your journey beneath the azure surface with a snorkeling or scuba diving excursion to explore Fiji’s renowned coral reefs, home to a dazzling array of marine life. The vibrant underwater ecosystems offer a mesmerizing experience, providing an intimate look at the beauty that thrives beneath the waves, from colorful coral gardens to the gentle giants of the sea, such as manta rays and sea turtles. 

Continue the adventure on land with a cultural tour of local Fijian villages. These excursions provide a meaningful opportunity to connect with the island’s heritage, where guests can participate in traditional ceremonies, learn about the art of Fijian craft making, and witness the daily lives of the island communities. Such tours not only enrich the understanding of Fijian culture but also foster genuine connections between visitors and locals. 

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Cap off the day with an indulgent traditional Fijian feast, or Lovo, under the stars. This communal dining experience, where food is slow-cooked in an earth oven, offers a taste of authentic island cuisine, surrounded by the gentle sounds of the ocean and the warmth of Fijian hospitality. Accompanied by meke performances of Fijian dance and music, dining becomes a celebration of Fiji’s rich culture and communal spirit. 

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Luxury Accommodations: Elevate your stay in Fiji to unprecedented heights of luxury and comfort with the country’s premier accommodations. Fiji’s lavish beachfront resorts, such as the exclusive Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort or the opulent Likuliku Lagoon Resort with its overwater bungalows, provide the ultimate in tropical luxury, blending exquisite design with unparalleled service and breathtaking ocean views. 

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For those seeking a more intimate retreat, Fiji’s secluded island hideaways offer privacy and serenity amidst the natural beauty of the South Pacific. Properties like Vomo Island Resort and Turtle Island provide guests with their own slice of paradise, featuring private villas set against the backdrop of pristine beaches and lush landscapes. These accommodations redefine luxury with their attention to detail, personalized service, and commitment to preserving the natural and cultural integrity of the islands. 

Unique Venues and Entertainment Options: Fiji’s diverse array of unique event venues sets the stage for truly memorable gatherings, whether for corporate retreats, weddings, or celebratory events. Beachfront villas and private islands offer idyllic settings that blend the natural beauty of Fiji with exclusive luxury, ensuring every event is both intimate and spectacular. Traditional bure-style pavilions, set against the backdrop of Fiji’s stunning landscapes, provide a culturally immersive venue option that captures the essence of the islands. 

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Enhance your events with the vibrant culture of Fiji through traditional Fijian performances that tell the stories of the islands through dance and music. The mesmerizing fire dancing ceremonies and soulful live music performances add an extraordinary dimension to any gathering, creating an unforgettable experience that resonates with the spirit and traditions of Fiji. 

Giving Back to Our Communities and Sustainability Efforts 

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Some of the Sustainability initiatives which Realm support when working in Fiji include; 

Adopting Renewable Energy – Fijian resorts have long been at the forefront of renewable energy use. The Realm team look to support suppliers who focus on positive environmental impacts and responsible energy use.  

Improving Waste Management – Initiatives in Fiji include the collection of rainwater, local water filtration to reduce plastic bottles and innovative cleaning systems which turn desalinated water into cleaning products, eradicating harsh chemicals.  

Protecting Fiji’s Wildlife – Protecting threatened animal species has long been a core motivation in Fiji. Sea turtles, manta rays and iguana protection is critical, as well as preserving coral reefs – the home for many protected and rare species.  

Supporting organic farming and buying local – Gone are the days when Fijian resorts flew in most ingredients from Australia or New Zealand. Fijian resorts have embraced food sustainability, using local, fresh ingredients and growing their own produce in organic market gardens. Working with Realm means a focus on local menus utilizing what’s just been caught by local fishermen and supporting local farmers. 

Sustaining communities, culture and traditions – in every place Realm works significant efforts are made to respect and support local people and culture. Traditionally, the offering cultural experiences to guests allowed local villages to make an income out of presenting their traditional ways to tourists – from dancing performances to kava ceremonies. And while this continues, cultural sustainability has gotten more sophisticated. Including; Shared local ownership of resort lands and training of locals to bring back knowledge of Fijian cultural skills.  

Respecting cultural protocol is key, and Realm always works with local representatives to ensure the full respect of local culture and traditions. Each event is considered from a sustainability values perspective and curated to create a positive impact on local communities and the environment. 

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Meet REALM, A Hosts Global Member  

Ron Anderson 

Ron is the kind of CEO (Creative Experience Officer) who when he calls a board meeting you need to clarify whether it’s in the surf or on the land. Ron leads with a problem-solving mindset and truly works with his clients to understand their “why.” Ron will blow your mind with how he extracts your vision and creates you a masterpiece!  

Leah Anderson 

Our Creative Director Leah is a living, breathing artistic genius. Trained in floristry and spatial design, she walks into a room and creates a feeling of possibility and wonder, exactly what you feel when walking into one of the spaces she has designed! 

Kate McCarron 

Kate has a knack for turning every day into an adventure, she’s been navigating the wild world of destination management and business events with style and sass for her entire career. Charming clients, sealing deals for positive impact and orchestrating events with the finesse of an events management maestro. 

Damian Atkins 

Our extraordinary Chief Financial Officer defies the norms of finance. With a diverse background spanning public practice, corporate (including Melbourne Storm), and not-for-profit/social enterprises (such as The Big Issue), Damo brings over 20 years of unparalleled expertise to the table. As a seasoned veteran in senior finance roles, Damo doesn’t just crunch numbers—he detonates them with precision and finesse! 

Amy Nicholls  

Business Management with a twist, Amy’s experience transgresses marketing and communications mazes, global corporate labyrinths, and sustainability puzzles. She’s had an exhilarating journey filled with laughter, excitement, and a whole lot of business brilliance! 

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As you explore the possibilities of Fiji, consider this guide your compass to crafting events that resonate with the natural beauty and warm hospitality of the islands. Discover, engage, and create moments that capture the essence of Fiji’s enchanting spirit. 

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