Discover Louisville: A Guide for Meeting & Event Planners

Welcome to the Soulful Rhythms of Louisville

Nestled along the rolling waters of the Ohio River, Louisville, KY, exudes a harmonious blend of history, culture, and southern charm. Beyond the iconic Derby races and historic bourbon trails, the city offers a symphony of experiences for extraordinary events. This guide serves as your gateway to unraveling the richness of Louisville, providing insights into local expertise, exciting activities, luxury accommodations, and unique venues that make Louisville an unrivaled destination for memorable gatherings.

Discover Local Expertise: Orchestrating Unforgettable Experiences in Louisville

At the heart of our approach lies a profound understanding of Louisville’s distinctive character. With roots deeply embedded in the local fabric, we navigate the city’s diverse landscape with finesse. Our enduring relationships with vendors and suppliers ensure a flawless execution of events, from meticulous logistical details to inventive conceptualization. As esteemed partners with top-tier event venues and hotels, we bring forth a wealth of local expertise, offering exclusive access to iconic spaces, unsearchable excursions and unparalleled service for an elevated event experience.

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More than Just Bourbon: Revealing the City’s Diversity

Louisville, often celebrated for its bourbon heritage, unfolds as a vibrant tapestry of culture, history, and diverse experiences – an ideal palette for creative Louisville Destination Management.  Beyond the rhythmic beats of the Derby City, the city’s diverse neighborhoods each tell a different story, ripe for exploration and discovery.

Hosts Global | Discover Louisville and NuLu

NuLu (New Louisville) offers a charming blend of the old and new. Named by Thrillist as “One of the Best Neighborhoods in America,” this bustling district, known for its unique art galleries, specialty stores, diverse culinary scene and eco-friendly businesses, making it truly a gem for Event Planners looking to come to Louisville. NuLu’s progressive spirit is perfect for organizing forward-thinking and innovative events, where the past meets the future.

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In the Highlands, the city’s vibrant arts scene takes center stage. This eclectic neighborhood, characterized by its funky stores and lively nightspots, offers a bohemian charm that can infuse energy and creativity into any event. For Louisville the Highlands provides a backdrop that is both culturally rich and endlessly entertaining, ideal for engaging attendees in a casual yet dynamic setting.

Hosts Global | Discover Louisville and Old Louisville

Old Louisville is the third-largest urban district in the United States and the largest preservation district, rich in stunning Victorian architecture – a journey through time. The tales of this historic district provide a captivating backdrop for guided tours or thematic events. For exclusive tours in Louisville KY, Old Louisville’s gaslit streets and picturesque homes offer a setting that is both beautiful and full of stories, ideal for groups who appreciate architectural splendor and historical depth.

Hosts Global | Discover Louisville and Whiskey Row

No tour of Louisville is complete without acknowledging its bourbon legacy. While it’s well-known for its distilleries, the experience goes beyond just tasting. World-renowned bourbon distilleries in downtown Louisville and beyond can serve as unique event venues, offering a taste of local flavor in more ways than one. Either venture out along the Bourbon trail or hit the Urban Bourbon options – one of the best ways to experience bourbonism in downtown Louisville. This curated collection of local bars and restaurants were created to complement a day of touring and tasting. These distilleries blend the savor of bourbon with a deep dive into the craftsmanship behind it, perfect for interactive and immersive experiences.

Hosts Global | Discover Louisville and Slugger Museum

Hosts Global | Discover Louisville and Slugger Museum

Additionally, the Louisville Slugger Museum,  more than just a homage to baseball, presents itself as an incredible tour experience. Its interactive exhibits and personalized bat-making experiences can add a fun and memorable twist to any corporate event or gathering.

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Elevating Experiences

Exciting Activities

Transform your event in Louisville into a dynamic journey, infused with activities that capture the city’s vibrant spirit and rich heritage. This city offers a kaleidoscope of experiences, each promising to add an unforgettable dimension to your event.

Hosts Global | Discover Louisville and Waterfront Park

Begin with a leisurely stroll along the scenic Waterfront Park, a lush oasis on the banks of the Ohio River. This expansive green space is not just a spot for relaxation but also a versatile venue for outdoor events and gatherings. With its stunning views and open-air ambience, Waterfront Park provides a serene backdrop, perfect for informal networking sessions, wellness activities, 5Ks or relaxing breaks between meetings.

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Dive into Louisville’s culinary scene with a guided tour through its celebrated food districts. The city’s diverse culinary landscape is an adventure in itself, from the farm-to-table offerings in the East Market District (NuLu) to the legendary barbecue joints in the South End. These food tours can be tailored as interactive culinary experiences, allowing attendees to not only taste but also learn about the local cuisine and its influences. This is an engaging way to bond teams and immerse them in the flavors of Louisville.

Hosts Global | Discover Louisville and Bourbon Making

Interactive team-building exercises can take a creative twist in Louisville, integrating the soul of the city’s history and culture. Consider activities that involve exploring Louisville’s heritage, like a scavenger hunt through the historic districts or a bourbon-making workshop that reflects the city’s famed whiskey tradition. These exercises are not just fun; they also offer a deeper understanding of Louisville’s identity, fostering team spirit while connecting with the local culture.

Hosts Global | Discover Louisville and Underground Ziplining

For those seeking more adrenaline-pumping activities, Louisville doesn’t disappoint. Engage your attendees in thrilling experiences like a trip to the Louisville Mega Cavern for underground ziplining, or challenge them with indoor rock climbing in one of the city’s state-of-the-art facilities. These activities are perfect for energizing your group and adding an element of excitement to your event.

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Luxury Accommodations

Elevate your stay in Bourbon Country to an experience of unparalleled luxury and Southern charm. Louisville’s selection of five-star hotels masterfully blends the city’s rich history with contemporary sophistication, offering guests more than just a place to stay, but a gateway to the heart of Southern hospitality.

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The Omni Louisville Hotel immerses guests in the vibrant history and energy of Louisville. From a rooftop pool to indulging in Prohibition-era cocktails at Pin + Proof speakeasy, every moment is infused with local flavor. With 612 guest rooms, the Omni is conveniently located steps from the Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC), right in the heart of the action.

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In contrast, the 21c Museum Hotel offers a unique fusion of modern elegance and artistic flair. This boutique hotel, housed within a series of 19th-century warehouses, stands out for its contemporary art museum, featuring rotating exhibitions of cutting-edge works. Each guest room in the 21c Museum Hotel is a blend of luxury and artistic design, creating an atmosphere that is both chic and comfortable. The hotel’s commitment to art extends to its design, making it a favorite for travelers seeking an unconventional and inspiring stay. The hotel is also home to Proof on Main, which features eclectic artwork, an incredible menu and stunning event spaces.

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For those seeking an intimate and exclusive experience, Louisville’s boutique hotels like The Grady and Hotel Distil offer personalized service and bespoke luxury. These establishments, nestled in the heart of the city, provide a modern and stylish retreat, with attention to every detail, from custom furnishings to hand-crafted cocktails.

Louisville’s hotel landscape is undergoing a dynamic transformation, with exciting new properties emerging in Butchertown, NuLu, and downtown.

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Unique Venues and Entertainment Options

Louisville is a treasure trove of distinctive event venues, each offering a unique ambiance that can elevate any gathering, from corporate events to intimate celebrations. The city melds historic charm with contemporary sophistication, providing a perfect setting for every occasion.

Nestled just beyond Louisville, Hermitage Farm is a breathtaking destination that pays homage to Kentucky’s rich agricultural legacy and distinctive industries. With beautiful event spaces, guests can immerse themselves in the world-renowned thoroughbred operations, savor farm-to-table dining crafted from sustainable, organic ingredients, indulge in bourbon tastings, and explore contemporary artwork showcased within a beautifully reimagined 19th-century estate, blending tradition with modernity.

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On the other end of the spectrum, the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts represents the contemporary allure of Louisville. As a centerpiece of the city’s cultural life, this modern venue offers state-of-the-art facilities for performances, conferences, and galas. The Center’s dynamic spaces, including the Bomhard Theater and the Whitney Hall, can adapt to various layouts, accommodating everything from grand-scale productions to more intimate corporate meetings. Its modern architecture and sophisticated ambiance make it a symbol of Louisville’s vibrant arts scene and a sought-after location for high-profile events.

Hosts Global | Discover Louisville Music

In terms of entertainment, Louisville’s arts scene is as diverse as its venues. Immerse your attendees in the authentic spirit of the city with live bluegrass music. Intimate venues across Louisville offer the soulful sounds of bluegrass, providing a lively and quintessentially Kentucky entertainment option for your event. For a more customized experience, consider bespoke theatrical performances. The city’s talented performers and playwrights can create tailor-made shows that reflect your event’s theme, adding a personal and memorable touch to your gathering.

Giving Back to Our Community

Hosts Louisville proudly stands alongside The Franciscan Kitchen, to support its invaluable service to our local community and its mission to alleviate hunger. Today, this noble endeavor persists through the tireless efforts of a dedicated team of staff and over 200 steadfast volunteers. With an average of over 400 meals served daily, The Franciscan Kitchen ensures well-balanced nourishment for all who seek it.

Sustainable Efforts

The Event Sustainability Policy of our organization is to foster and implement initiatives that support sustainability in organizing, planning, and managing events, meetings, and conferences. Our company is committed to establishing a position of sustainability leadership in our industry and providing the resources and support for continual improvement. It is the policy of our organization to comply with the requirements of ISO 20121 International Standard for Event Sustainability Management Systems by implementing a certified Event Sustainability Management System, the Sustainable Meeting Planning Program® (SMPP® System). We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and use them to guide applicable aspects in our event planning.

The purpose behind this policy is a commitment to our vision, principles, and values in support of preserving and protecting environmental, social, and economic conditions impacted by our organization.

Our team will lead and promulgate sustainability in all event planning activities we control or influence.

Hosts Global | Discover your Louisville Team

Embedded within our team is a shared passion deeply woven into the colorful fabric of Louisville. Born and bred in this dynamic city, our team members are more than event planners; they are curators of local knowledge, weaving the threads of their own experiences into the events they craft. Our commitment goes beyond the logistical orchestration; it’s a dedication to infusing every event with the spirit of creativity that defines Louisville. Committed to ensuring not just the success but the safety of every occasion, let us introduce you to a team that doesn’t just plan events; we craft immersive stories that unfold against the backdrop of our hometown’s rich narrative.

As you navigate the possibilities of Louisville, consider this guide your compass to crafting events that resonate with the city’s pulse. Discover, engage, and create moments that resonate in the hearts of your attendees against the backdrop of this soulful southern gem.

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