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The most sustainable country in the world – and with the highest concentration of fjords! Bryggen in Bergen is one of the most famous attractions in the city and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was the first place in the city where there were buildings, and almost 1000 years later there is still a lot of life and movement here. In Oslo, you will find a flourishing cultural life with countless museums and galleries, and from the city’s many stages you can enjoy major opera performances, concerts and festivals throughout the year. At Røros, one may explore narrow streets, old courtyards and buildings. You will find several charming shops and workshops on the many narrow streets. In Lofoten, the historic fishing villages, pointed mountain peaks and white beaches are where the true Norwegian character comes through. You can experience both sea eagles and killer whales up close on a tour. Trondheim holds a special place in Norwegian history and culture because it was the first capital of Norway, the islet Munkholmen is a popular tourist attraction and recreation area. The islet has served as a place of execution, a monastery, a fortress, prison, and a World War II anti-aircraft gun station. When visiting Svalbard, the North Pole is right around the corner from the pub. But you don’t need to travel far from the town Longyearbyen to have amazing nature-based experiences like glaciers, tundra, animal encounters, majestic mountains and fjords.

DMC services throughout Norway including the following locations:
  • Bergen
  • Lofoten Islands
  • Oslo
  • Roros
  • Svalbard Islands
  • Trondheim

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Discover the natural beauty of Norway with revered SNE, The Nordics, where flawless event logistics and creative tours have been at their forefront since 1980.  In addition to achieving the industry’s most rigorous DMC criteria, they also offer:


SNE The Nordics was founded in 1980


Management has held several world industry leadership positions


The SNE team is multilingual in: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian

Industry Engagement

The Team at SNE is multilingual and is able to communicate by speaking English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian

Highly Rated

SNE The Nordics is consistently recieving high survey results and client testimonials

Emergency Preparedness

SNE The Nordics is in proudly accordance to the high standards of Scandinavian regulations for offices

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