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The event was at a  Banana Plantation in Tenerife in The Canary Islands. Hosts Global member, Spantacular, certainly put there ferocious creativity to the test in the creation, development, and execution of a celebration event for 350 guests, the final component of the annual incentive trip reference for the client in the EMEA market. The event had to be original, unique, and innovative, including the problematic combination of local and technological elements to reflect the client’s character. No biggie right? (Internal thoughts… WOW)

The night’s main objective was to bring to gather and bond the company’s executives and the leading salespeople of each territorial unit, all in a celebratory atmosphere with subtly integrated motivational corporate elements during the development of the night.

Everything about this project is unusual, from the event’s location in a banana plantation to the size of the dinner table (150m) and the eclectic concept of the night.  The idea was to merge all of this into a surprising production by offering a unique experience with highly different concepts such as technology, nature, character, and corporate identity. The result is TENERIFE VISIONS, a table mapping gastronomic experience. Immersive and completely personalized, divided into five acts: Corporate, Water, Cosmos, Volcano, and Color. The island’s icons are presented in a perfectly crafted mix of projection mapping, music, performance art, and food in this production. If this isn’t the event that people will refer to as “that one time we went to banana plantation..” then I don’t know what is!

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