Navigating Savannah: A Guide for First-Time Corporate Groups

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Welcoming corporate groups with open arms, Savannah, Georgia, stands as a beacon of Southern hospitality, rich history, and enchanting beauty. This guide aims to equip first-time corporate visitors with essential tips, from understanding local etiquette to exploring must-see spots, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience in this historic city. 

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Understanding Savannah’s Charm: Local Etiquette 

  • Southern Hospitality: Savannah is renowned for its friendly and polite demeanor. A simple “please,” “thank you,” and a smile go a long way in this city. Embrace the warm greetings, and don’t hesitate to reciprocate. 
  • Respect the Squares: Savannah’s historic squares are not just tourist spots, but also communal spaces treasured by locals. Enjoy their beauty respectfully, keeping them clean and enjoying the tranquil surroundings without disturbing the peace. 
  • To-go Cocktails: Much like Savannah’s sister city of New Orleans, A walking drink is always encouraged. Walk, sip, stroll, explore!  

Hosts Global | Savannah Historic DistrictMust-See Spots for Corporate Groups: 

  • Forsyth Park: This sprawling park is a staple of Savannah’s outdoor beauty. It’s perfect for group activities, informal meetings, or a leisurely walk under the oaks. 
  • Broughton Street: Lined with boutiques, galleries, and eateries, Broughton Street offers a glimpse into Savannah’s vibrant culture. It’s ideal for groups looking to explore local shops or enjoy a meal together. 
  • Historic District: A guided tour of Savannah’s Historic District can offer insightful looks into the city’s past, perfect for team-building activities centered around learning and exploration. 

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Navigation Advice: Getting Around Savannah 

  • Walking is Wonderful: Savannah’s compact city layout makes it perfect for exploring on foot, especially within the Historic District. Corporate groups can easily walk to many of the city’s landmarks, parks, and squares. 
  • Trolley Tours: For a unique and informative way to see the city, consider booking a private trolley tour for your group. It’s an engaging way to learn about Savannah’s history and see its major attractions. 
  • Pedicab: Hop in and go! Explore the city on wheels in an easy pedicab. The drivers know the ins and outs of Savannah better than anyone!  
  • On the water: There is no better way to experience Savannah than from its beautiful coastline. Travel through the low country marshes and back rivers to view a different side of Savannah.   

Hosts Global | Seafood Boil Dining and Networking: 

  • Savannah’s Culinary Scene: From traditional Southern fare to seafood delights, Savannah’s dining scene is robust and welcoming for corporate groups. Many restaurants offer private dining options suitable for networking events or group dinners. 
  • SCAD: Savannah would not be the artsy funky place it is if it wasn’t for Savannah College of Art and Design. Many stunning SCAD buildings are sprinkled around downtown Savannah. Make sure to stop into the gift shop to buy handmade pieces from local students!  

Tips for a Successful Visit: 

  • Stay Hydrated: Savannah can be warm, especially in the summer months. Always have water on hand during your explorations. 
  • Dress Comfortably: With much of your visit likely spent walking outdoors, comfortable shoes and attire are a must. 
  • Plan Ahead: While there’s plenty to discover spontaneously, having a planned itinerary for your group ensures you hit all the key spots without missing out. 

 Savannah, with its blend of historical significance, natural beauty, and Southern hospitality, offers an ideal setting for corporate groups looking to combine business with leisure. By following these tips and embracing the local culture, first-time visitors can navigate Savannah with ease, making their corporate trip both productive and memorable.



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