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The heart and soul of the South Pacific, Tahiti is the largest in a chain of islands that make up French Polynesia also commonly referred to as The Islands of Tahiti. There are a total of 118 islands scattered across an impressive nautical surface area the size of Western Europe! The Islands of Tahiti combine lush green landscapes with some of the world’s best underwater experiences.

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REALM is a leader in bespoke destination management, creating unique group experiences that capture the enchanting beauty of Tahiti’s idyllic beaches, the mystical allure of its ancient Polynesian temples, and the lively charm of its modern communities. Our carefully curated journeys immerse you in the heart of the South Pacific, where you can swim in turquoise lagoons, partake in age-old Tahitian ceremonies, and explore vibrant markets brimming with local crafts and flavors. With REALM, discover the soul of Tahiti, from the tranquil shores of Bora Bora to the lush, volcanic landscapes of Moorea, offering a seamless blend of breathtaking natural wonders and rich cultural heritage. In addition to achieving the industry’s most rigorous DMC criteria, they also offer:

Industry Engagement

Proud members of SITE and PCMA


REALM DMC Services in Fiji have been around for 18 years

Emergency Preparedness

We have an independent auditor assess every event we undertake in order to ensure our guests are safe and prepared at all times.

Multiple Languages

The REALM team is multilingual and can help you in a variety of different languages


Sustainability is one of our core values - not only environment sustainability but community and social sustainability including engaging local suppliers and partners who consistently demonstrate our ethos of 'doing the right thing' for the planet and all people regardless of age/sex/gender/background, etc.

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REALM consistently receives high results and client testimonials

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