2019 Hosts Global Forum: Key Takeaways

We just came off the heels of the 2019 Hosts Global Forum in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. And, wow. What a thrilling collection of education that will power the events of tomorrow!

This year’s theme focused on disruption, which has seeped into every step of the planning journey and every facet of the event industry. It has even traveled beyond technology. Now, we are seeing positive disruption in how our events impact our attendees and the people in the local communities.

Every disruption topic we dived into at Hosts Global Forum was chosen specifically for the industry as a whole. What is positively influencing our world today? What would make the most beneficial impact in how you plan events? What would move the needle for your career?

We put together this at-a-glance summary of perspectives and insights from the experts. See below!

As one of our Hosts Global Forum speakers, Simon T. Bailey, said, “You are the difference that makes the difference.”

We can’t wait to see how you’ll embrace these disruptors and make a difference.

Together, let’s be fearless, flexible and forward-thinking!

We hope to see you in Seville, Spain for our 2020 Hosts Global Forum, as we continue to lead the industry into a new decade of meeting and event planning.

Here’s to the future,

Jennifer Patino, DMCP


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