A Blossoming Partnership

In the United States, we celebrate our national floral emblem, the rose, during the month of June. In honor of this celebration, we sat down with Jennifer Grove, founder and chief executive officer of Repeat Roses, a Hosts Global strategic partner, to discuss the inspiration behind her business and to educate our readers on the process and benefits of flower recycling. Thank you Jennifer!

Q: What was the inspiration behind the launch of Repeat Roses?

A: Before launching Repeat Roses, I owned a high-end boutique wedding and event design company. I organized weddings, underground dining events, hotel openings, philanthropic fundraisers and corporate events. Most of these event designs included an abundance of flowers as part of the decor budget. Over time, I grew frustrated with the time, talent and resources that were spent collaborating with florists to create dazzling centerpieces and focal points for events that were disposed of hours after being used. I founded Repeat Roses to solve this frustration and allow for charitable repurposing of floral arrangements to community organizations that could benefit. At the end of their use, we also provide responsible composting solutions for the flowers.

Q: So, you’re a one-stop-shop for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and environmental responsibility?

A: Exactly! We serve the community and environment.

Q: What are the ideal steps a Hosts Global client would take to partner with your organization?

A: Notify your Hosts global liaison or specific Hosts destination of your desire to incorporate Repeat Roses in your next meeting or event. As a strategic partner, we work directly with Hosts to solidify the details. Alongside your Hosts team, we’ll ensure you meet your end goal whether it’s an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) component, a charitable donation or a desire to be more sustainable, we’re here to help reduce the waste from your event and give back to the community.

Q: What is the best part of the planning process?

A: Reviewing the floral volume involved in a single event and determining how many repurposed arrangements could be created and how many nonprofit organizations would benefit from the deliveries. I’m constantly amazed by the outcomes.

Q: Can Hosts clients specify the desired focus of the charitable organization that will receive their arrangements? For example, if their company has a mission to support specific causes, can you work within their CSR focus?

A: Yes! While we have relationships with several pre-vetted charities, with advanced notice, at least 4-6 weeks before the event date, we’re happy to vet and coordinate a charitable match that aligns with a cause specified to the client. 

Q: How does floral recycling improve the event planner’s bottom line?

A: When a client gifts their floral arrangements to a nonprofit organization, we make sure they receive a donation acknowledgement letter. This letter identifies the fair market value of the donation (provided by the client’s accountant or tax advisor) for corporate tax benefit purposes.

Q: You’ve included the national floral emblem in your name – in honor of national rose month, which type of rose if your favorite?

A: I’m absolutely in love with the big beautiful garden roses — especially in deep coral, bright peach and hot pink tones. This varietal is incredibly plush and provides an amazing soft texture and voluminous silhouette to any decor style.


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