Bridging Sustainability and DEI with Hosts Louisville and Food Recovery Network 

 In a world increasingly driven by a desire for inclusivity and environmental consciousness, the integration of sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in corporate events has become not just commendable but imperative. Hosts Louisville, a member of the Hosts Global Alliance, stands out as a beacon of these efforts, particularly highlighted by their exemplary execution of an event for 275 guests. This blog is diving into how Hosts Louisville achieved meaningful outcomes by focusing on sustainability, DEI, and community engagement, in collaboration with the Food Recovery Network. 

Hosts Global | Louisville Events at the Muhamed Ali Center

The Event:
Hosts Louisville was tasked with executing an event that not only aligned with the client’s goals of sustainability and DEI but also adhered to a strict budget and embraced the mission statement of the chosen venue—the Muhammad Ali Center. The center, dedicated to the legacy of Muhammad Ali, aims to inspire greatness and provide education and community engagement. Hosts Louisville’s challenge was to create an event that reflected these values while also meeting the client’s specific objectives, which included a focus on sustainability. 

Hosts Global | Louisville Events at the Muhamed Ali Center

Sustainability Initiatives:
Hosts Louisville worked diligently to identify opportunities to minimize the environmental impact of the event. This included: 

  • Locally-Sourced Food: All food was sourced from local purveyors, within a 50-mile radius. By selecting local suppliers, the event reduced carbon emissions related to transportation and supported local agriculture, ensuring fresh and high-quality ingredients.  
  • Partnership with Food Recovery Network: In an impactful move, Hosts Louisville teamed up with the Food Recovery Network to recover and donate the equivalent of 83 meals to the Franciscan Kitchen, directly combating food waste and supporting those in need. 
  • Reusable Décor: The event utilized décor elements that could be repurposed, minimizing waste and promoting a circular economy within the event planning industry. 

Hosts Global | Louisville Events at the Muhamed Ali Center

DEI Efforts:
DEI was woven into the fabric of the event through deliberate partnership choices and programming: 

  • Diverse Supplier Network: Hosts Louisville prioritized partnerships with a network comprising over 83% minority and women-owned organizations, thereby fostering inclusivity and equity in business practices. 
  • Venue Selection: The Muhammad Ali Center itself is a testament to diversity and inclusion, embodying the spirit of Muhammad Ali’s legacy. The choice of venue aligned with the event’s DEI goals, providing a meaningful backdrop that inspired attendees. 

Outcomes and Recognition:
The success of the event, marked by its adherence to sustainability and DEI principles while staying within budget guardrails, led to Hosts Global proudly awarding Hosts Louisville the 2023 Made Meaningful Award. This recognition underscores the importance of integrating sustainability and DEI into event planning, showcasing how meaningful outcomes can be achieved through intentional and thoughtful execution. 

Hosts Global | Food Recovery Network

Food Recovery Network’s Role:
The partnership with the Food Recovery Network exemplifies how events can serve as platforms for addressing broader societal issues such as food waste and hunger. Through their Food Recovery Verified program, FRN provides the necessary support and verification for events and businesses looking to donate surplus food, transforming potential waste into vital resources for communities. Since 2023, Hosts Global’s partnership with FRN has resulted in 1,100 meals being provided back to communities and 1,329lbs of food recovered. 

Hosts Louisville’s event serves as a case study in how the event industry can lead the way in sustainability and DEI. By making conscious choices, from sourcing to supplier selection, and partnering with organizations like the Food Recovery Network, events can transcend their traditional roles to become catalysts for change. As we move forward, let this example inspire other corporations and event planners to pursue initiatives that not only achieve client goals but also contribute positively to our planet and society. 


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