Hosts Global April Design Edition: Sustainable Charm

Hosts Global | April Design Edition: Sustainable Charm

Sustainable Charm: Crafting Eco-Friendly Elegance for Corporate Events

Hosts Global is going green for Earth Month in April! Welcome to a greener side of glamour, where “eco-friendly” meets “eco-fabulous” in the corporate events landscape. As champions of the planet and planners of the party, we’re ditching the disposable for the sustainable, proving once and for all that sophistication and sustainability can go hand-in-hand—like martinis and olives, but greener!

Embracing sustainability in event planning goes beyond just being a trend—it’s a comprehensive approach that incorporates responsible sourcing, waste reduction, and energy efficiency into every aspect of the event. From selecting venues with green certifications to employing digital solutions that cut down on paper use, we are committed to showing that environmental responsibility can enhance, not hinder, a luxurious event experience. These initiatives not only help protect our planet but also create a more engaging and meaningful event for attendees, setting new standards in the industry for what a successful gathering looks like.

Hosts Global | Discover Sustainable food options for events

Hosts Global | Discover Sustainable food options for events

From Farm to Fabulous

Let’s start with the menu because, let’s face it, food is the guest of honor at any event. Embrace the wave of sustainability that’s as trendy as avocado toast with sustainable dining options. By choosing farm-to-table fare, not only do we keep things fresh and tasty, but we also support local agriculture, reducing transportation emissions and showcasing regional flavors. It’s like giving Mother Nature a seat at the table—decked out with locally sourced flowers, of course! So let’s foster a closer connection between diners and the origins of their food, all while promoting awareness and appreciation for local produce and seasonal delicacies.

Beyond the menu, reducing waste is essential—after all, no one appreciates unnecessary waste. Opt for recyclable or compostable tableware instead of single-use items and ensure ample recycling facilities are available to encourage responsible disposal.

Hosts Global members are redefining sustainable dining across the globe with local culinary traditions that tantalize the taste buds while respecting the environment. In Austria, Eurotravel Solutions treats guests to a traditional “Jause” snack in the Austrian Alps, featuring robust cheeses, savory ham, crisp peppers, and freshly baked homemade bread—all sourced directly from mountain farms. Over in Germany, the arrival of spring heralds the season of farm-fresh asparagus, a cherished local delicacy known for its vibrant freshness and flavor.

In Croatia, Eurotravel Solutions’ the ancient art of “Peka” grilling involves a cast-iron dome that slow-cooks a hearty mix of potatoes and assorted veggies over hot coals, capturing the essence of traditional Croatian cooking. Meanwhile, the sun-drenched vineyards of Slovenia provide the perfect backdrop for a traditional Slovenian lunch that includes freshly baked bread, locally sourced wines, a colorful caprese salad, and a selection of garden-fresh vegetables, celebrating Slovenian agriculture and gastronomy in every bite.

In the U.S., Hosts Washington D.C. recently showcased their commitment to eco-friendly practices by serving exquisite appetizers in compostable corn husks, combining culinary excellence with environmental awareness. Spaintacular elevated the concept of sustainable dining with their “Eat My Art” initiative, where meals not only please the palate but also protect the planet, served on 100% recyclable and compostable materials. After the event, the used tableware was repurposed into nutrient-rich soil for tree centerpieces, which were subsequently planted to help restore environmentally degraded areas.

Hosts Seattle and Hosts Louisville continue this celebration of sustainability with their farm-to-table spreads that feature the freshest ingredients from local farms and waters, ensuring every meal is both a feast for the senses and a step towards a more sustainable future.

Hosts Global | Discover Sustainable Decor | COTC Events wooden flowers

Hosts Global | Discover Sustainable decor with Roberts

Hosts Global | Discover Sustainable decor with Hosts Global Members
Hosts Global | Discover Sustainable Decor | Alaska Destination Specialists

Decor with a Conscience

Who said recycled couldn’t be chic? Our approach to decor involves a charming alchemy that transforms recycled materials into eye-catching tablescapes. Think vintage glass bottles repurposed into eclectic vases, wooden floral centerpieces made of light balsa wood with a soft foam texture. These sustainable elements are produced from a type of tree that grows wild and quickly in marsh areas. Or biodegradable bamboo that adds both style and substance to any setting. And for a truly ‘green’ statement, how about centerpieces that guests can take home and plant? Now that’s what we call leaving a lasting impression!

Discover how Hosts Global members elevate their events to new heights of eco-chic sophistication using recycled decor, sustainable centerpieces, and vibrant tablescapes. COTC Events in South Florida captivated guests with unique centerpieces crafted from delicately harvested wooden sheets, dyed in a spectrum of stunning colors. Each flower and leaf is handmade, embodying the distinct traits of the natural materials, ensuring no two pieces are alike, making them the talk of the town.

Roberts Event Group in Philadelphia turns eco-friendly decor into an engaging activity, inviting guests to create their own succulent terrariums. This hands-on approach not only beautifies the space but also provides a memorable, interactive experience. Barefoot Holidays in St. Lucia enhances their island-inspired decor by integrating local produce and lush foliage, capturing the essence of the tropics.

Juice Studios in Georgia introduces a chic and functional green herb wall, perfect for adding a touch of greenery while serving a practical purpose. Meanwhile, Hosts Seattle offers live moss bowls that enchant attendees, these can either be planted afterwards or maintained as vibrant, living moss displays, contributing to the event’s sustainability.

Moloney and Kelly in Ireland showcase the natural beauty of wildflowers and locally-sourced floral arrangements, bringing a piece of the Irish countryside to each event, demonstrating that sustainability can go hand-in-hand with elegance and local charm.

Alaska Destination Specialists hosted a farm-table luncheon, complete with local florals and centerpieces.

 Hosts Global | Discover carbon neutral eventsHosts Global | Discover carbon neutral events and local culinary delights with Colours of MaltaCarbon-Neutral Celebrations

Picture this: an event where every cocktail sipped and every song played contributes to a healthier planet. By investing in carbon offset programs, we can plant trees or support renewable energy projects with the aim of making every gathering carbon-neutral. This way, we’re not just toasting to your success; we’re raising our glasses to the Earth’s health too. Each event becomes a proactive step towards combating climate change, aligning corporate celebrations with global sustainability goals.

Hosts Global Members are leading the way in sustainable event planning, hosting carbon-neutral events at venues that boast locally sourced ingredients and utilize outdoor spaces for natural lighting and a dash of local charm. Barefoot Holidays in St. Lucia and Juice Studios in Georgia embrace the great outdoors, utilizing natural light and temperature control provided by Mother Nature herself. They enhance the ambiance with local flora and décor, and a farm-to-table menu that showcases regional culinary delights in their exceptionally green events. Meanwhile, Molonely and Kelly in Ireland alongside Hosts Seattle incorporate reusable elements like plantable trees, recycled wood stumps, and natural floral arrangements. Their venues, featuring all-glass roofs, not only offer a greenhouse feel but also optimize natural lighting and help in heating, demonstrating an innovative approach to sustainable event design.

Building a Better Tomorrow

When it comes to venues, we go for gold—LEED Gold, that is. Hosting events in LEED-certified buildings means our gatherings not only look good but also do good, thanks to energy-efficient lighting, reduced water use, and better indoor air quality. It’s where forward-thinking meets feel-good vibes, all under one responsibly constructed roof. These settings not only minimize the environmental footprint but also serve as a powerful example of the potential for sustainable infrastructure in the corporate world.

Hosts Global | Discover Sustainable meetings and food recovery at your events

Don’t Waste, Donate

Last but certainly not least, food recovery donations take the cake in our book of eco-friendly strategies. Partnering with local charities to donate unused food ensures that while we dine in style, we also nurture the community. It’s a full circle moment from first bite to lasting impact. This initiative not only addresses food security but also builds stronger community ties, reinforcing the social responsibility values of the guests’ organization.

Hosts Global’s Hosts New Orleans frequently partners with local food recovery agencies in New Orleans to package up unused food for their local food banks and soup kitchens.

Hosts Global | Discover Sustainable Decor | Hosts Louisville

In the world of corporate events, going green doesn’t mean sacrificing style or fun. It’s about innovating, inspiring, and infusing every event with a sense of responsibility and charm that only sustainability can bring. So, let’s plan to impress and impact, ensuring that our corporate gatherings are remembered not just for their sparkling ambiance but also for their green heart. After all, in the quest to blend luxury with legacy, every choice counts—make it sustainable, make it spectacular, make it stick!

Hosts Global | Design Edition Members for April

Thank to you to our contributing Hosts Global Members for a wonderful year of ferociously creative event design. Stay tuned every month for more Design Editions featuring more members and beautiful decor and event tips from our Ferociously Creative team!

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