Pharmaceutical Distribution Company Heads to the Pacific







Decision Makers


Program Days

The goal

To celebrate pharmacy owners and provide them with ample networking opportunities to expand and elevate their businesses.

The challenges

  • Raise the bar every year for the industry’s largest tradeshow for independent pharmacies.
  • Create an unforgettable four days and a fully immersive destination experience that makes it worth the pharmacists’ time and money to attend.
  • Continue to exceed a longstanding client’s event success every year to ensure it continued to draw robust registrations.
  • Coordinate a robust kids program and family-friendly events, alongside education sessions and networking opportunities.

Strategies & solutions

Create flawless moments

Our Hosts Southern California team provided airport shuttles throughout the program and designed a kids camp, conference décor and the closing customer appreciation event.

A fun & festive farewell

With the theme “red, white and you,” the closing night Americana event was held at a private outdoor venue alongside San Diego Bay. Attendees were treated to an exclusive carnival, inflatable play park, comfort foods galore, a private (and never-been-done-before) patriotic concert by the famed San Diego Symphony and a spectacular fireworks finale.

A smart & seamless handoff

To ensure a smooth transition to Nashville, the client’s 2019 destination, Hosts Southern California hosted our Nashville DMC partners throughout the conference so they would have first-hand knowledge of the guest experience and the client’s challenges, opportunities and expectations.


Attendees returned home with a more robust network after establishing relationships with fellow pharmacists from around the country. Plus, they were able to experience the best of San Diego, while stocking up on the latest trends and education to help boost their businesses for years to come. This is a longstanding Hosts Global client and our unique ability to ensure a seamless experience from one destination to the next has greatly impacted the client’s planning efforts. Being backed with a solid understanding of this client and this program allows each of our selected destinations’ DMCs to double-down on creativity and continue to raise the bar every year.

It's your turn

Give us your bar and we’ll raise it. Just like we’ve done here.