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The goal

Educate pharmaceutical reps about a new drug and incentivize them to take it to market upon FDA approval.

The challenges

  • Satisfy two main clients with varying priorities to execute the welcome wine reception. One client wanted to hold the event offsite, while the other had an obligation to keep the event within the hotel.
  • Build in physical wellness activities that would keep attendees engaged during long education sessions required during launch programs.
  • Coordinate return shuttles while working with a changing pick-up time.

Strategies & solutions

Satisfy clients’ top priorities

We listened to both perspectives from our two clients, then negotiated their special requests to bring local wine vendors on property for a Seattle wine tasting experience. This included having the hotel make special purchases of wine not normally available, plus acquiring the special permits needed for wine makers to pour at the event.

Showcase the best of Washington wineries

Our design team recreated the exact look and feel of each of the Seattle wine tasting rooms inside the hotel ballroom.  We paired each wine in the various vignettes with small bites customized by the hotel’s culinary team.

Start each morning with intentional movement

We coordinated optional morning yoga classes in the hotel ballroom, led by a local yoga instructor and supported by the hotel’s fitness center with mats, water and towels. Every class was well-attended, and the instructor accommodated a wide range of skill levels with pose modifications during class.

Combine lively activity with a view

We worked with knowledgeable Seattle runners to lead attendees on Fun Runs with some of the best views of Seattle. The runs departed from the hotel and followed scenic routes around Lake Union and Seattle Center, where runners were treated to close up views of the infamous Space Needle.

Stay nimble with shuttle transfers

Our clients proactively offered optional shuttle transfers from both the offsite venue and for airport departures. With an ever-changing end time at the off-site event, we constantly updated our staff and shuttle drivers with new information to ensure we had enough vehicles to return guests to the hotel. While some guests passed on the transfer to enjoy a pleasant walk or find their own way to the airport, we were always staged and ready for those seeking the transfer.


The welcome reception kicked off the weeklong conference with high energy and enthusiasm and set the tone for the launch of the new drug.  The guests were able to connect and network during the event while experiencing local wines. Plus, the morning yoga and fun runs left everyone with sky-high energy and sharp focus for the remainder of the program.

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