Top Performers Get Amped Up in Texas







Program Days

The goal

Create an Austin experience that is worthwhile for guests and their partners to attend. Built like an incentive, this conference was packed with top-of-the-line education and extraordinary destination experiences only available to those who achieved $6 million in sales.

The challenges

  • Finding a venue for the Last Supper that matched the client’s specific layout and design needs.
  • Incorporating new ideas into event flow due to last-minute changes.
  • Keeping repeat attendees excited and engaged throughout the event.

Strategies & solutions

Create a cool, lush welcome

Texas summers can be toasty. To make sure all guests could savor the full experience in a pleasant setting, we created an indoor/outdoor event so guests could choose their comfort levels. With a backdrop of a blown-up Austin postcard and faux greenery walls, we dished up fun rustic food stations and colorful table runners with bright florals. Plus, we placed live music performers both indoors and outdoors on the pool deck, so guests could easily move from space to space with ease.

Make a sweet switch

We replaced the conference’s traditional Sweet & Greet dessert reception with a lively Party on the Patio. During this pub-style event, guests had the chance to enjoy a variety of summertime treats: salty snacks, an ice cream cart, fresh fruit skewers, and donuts from the Austin favorite – Lucy’s Donut Truck.  We made sure not to omit the signature candy bars so that guests still felt the “sweet” in the greet.

Weave in local sound

In order to immerse guests in Austin’s iconic local music scene, we worked a home-grown musician or band into every event experience. Our local talent kept toes tapping and spirits high throughout the conference.


Attendees loved the authenticity of the Party on the Patio experience, with the local treats and local performers. They likened it to a true backyard concert. Afterwards, we heard from the meeting planner that guests continued to talk about the event long after it was over. This group has grown from 90 people to 500, so they are looking to up the ante and elevate the experience year-after-year. Our event did just that, by breaking with tradition and serving up something surprising and unexpected.

It's your turn

Give us your bar and we’ll raise it. Just like we’ve done here.