Discover Nashville: A Guide for Event Planners 

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Nashville, Tennessee, the heart of Music City, is a vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and the undeniable rhythm of country music. Beyond the honky-tonks and neon lights, the city reveals itself as a dynamic canvas for extraordinary events. This guide is your key to unlocking the essence of Music City, offering insights into local expertise, diverse activities, luxurious accommodations, and unique venues that define Nashville as a premier destination for unforgettable gatherings. 

Discover Local Expertise: Navigating the Music City Vibe 

At the core of our approach lies a profound understanding of Nashville’s musical heartbeat. Rooted in the local culture, our team navigates the city’s diverse neighborhoods with finesse. From partnerships with iconic music venues like the Ryman Auditorium to connections with local artisans, our local knowledge ensures a seamless blend of music history and contemporary vibes, elevating your event to a harmonious crescendo. 

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More than Music: Unveiling the City’s Neighborhoods 

Beyond the iconic country and blues rhythms that have dubbed Nashville “Music City,” lies a metropolis pulsating with a varied mosaic of neighborhoods, each offering its own unique slice of Southern life. This city, famous for its musical roots, invites a deeper exploration into the eclectic experiences and communities that make it a vibrant place to live, visit, and explore. 

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Broadway’s Lively Energy: 

The neon-lit streets of Broadway are where Nashville’s heart beats loudest, offering visitors a non-stop celebration of live music, honky-tonks, and entertainment. While its reputation as the epicenter of Nashville’s music scene precedes it, Broadway is also home to a variety of dining experiences, from traditional Southern fare to modern culinary delights. This district’s electric atmosphere makes it a must-visit for those looking to experience Nashville at its most dynamic. 

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East Nashville’s Artsy Atmosphere: 

Venture into East Nashville for a taste of the city’s creative and bohemian side. This neighborhood, with its vibrant street art, eclectic boutiques, and artisanal coffee shops, pulses with the creative energy of local artists, musicians, and chefs. East Nashville is a haven for foodies and art lovers alike, offering an array of galleries, studios, and eateries that showcase the diversity of Nashville’s artistic community. 

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The Gulch’s Creative Energy: 

The Gulch, once an industrial area, has been transformed into a trendy and walkable neighborhood known for its upscale restaurants, chic boutiques, and vibrant nightlife. The area’s modern architecture and public art installations reflect Nashville’s forward-thinking spirit, making The Gulch a prime spot for those looking to immerse themselves in the city’s contemporary culture. 

Nashville’s neighborhoods each tell a different story, from the honky-tonk heartbeats of Broadway to the artistic pulses of East Nashville and the culinary delights of Germantown. This city, while famed for its musical heritage, offers a kaleidoscope of experiences that invite visitors and locals to explore its cultural depth, creative energy, and Southern charm, proving that there’s much more to Nashville than music alone. 

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Elevating Experiences 

Hosts Global | Discover Nashville

Exciting Activities:

Transform your event in Nashville into an unforgettable immersive journey that taps into the heart and soul of this vibrant city. Begin with an exploration of the iconic music scene on Broadway, where the sounds of country, blues, and rock ‘n’ roll spill out from legendary honky-tonks and music venues into the streets. This lively district offers not just a musical experience but a deep dive into the city’s rich musical history, perfect for group outings or informal networking events. 

Engage your attendees in team-building activities that celebrate Nashville’s musical heritage. Organize a group songwriting session with local musicians, a competitive drum session, or a spirited line dancing workshop. These activities not only foster collaboration and creativity but also immerse participants in the cultural fabric of Nashville, making for a memorable and bonding experience. 

Luxury Accommodations: 

Enhance your Nashville experience by indulging in a range of luxurious accommodations, blending historic charm with modern elegance. Whether you prefer the timeless allure of the Hermitage Hotel or the contemporary flair of the Joseph, Nashville offers an array of options to suit every taste. From the renowned Four Seasons to the stylish Omni, and from the sophisticated Hutton to the trendy Noelle, the city boasts an abundance of exceptional hospitality and accommodations. 

Unique Venues and Entertainment Options:  

Infuse your events with the essence of Nashville’s thriving music scene. Gain exclusive access to live country music performances in the neon-lit honky-tonks of Honky Tonk Highway, where venues opened by chart-topping artists like Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert and even Jon Bon Jovi line the street. For a truly iconic Nashville experience step outside of downtown Nashville to organize a bespoke performance at the Grand Ole Opry, the famed venue that has hosted country music legends for decades. These musical experiences not only entertain but also connect attendees to the heart of Nashville’s cultural legacy.  

Nashville’s unique venues and entertainment options offer endless possibilities for creating events that are not just memorable but also emblematic of the city’s rich culture and musical heritage.  

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Sustainable Efforts 

The Event Sustainability Policy of our organization is to foster and implement initiatives that support sustainability in organizing, planning, and managing events, meetings, and conferences. Our commitment is to establish a position of sustainability leadership in our industry, providing resources and support for continual improvement. It is the policy of our organization to comply with the requirements of ISO 20121 International Standard for Event Sustainability Management Systems by implementing a certified Event Sustainability Management System, the Sustainable Meeting Planning Program® (SMPP® System). We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and use them to guide applicable aspects in our event planning. 

The purpose behind this policy is a commitment to our vision, principles, and values in support of preserving and protecting environmental, social, and economic conditions impacted by our organization. 

Our team will lead and promulgate sustainability in all event planning activities we control or influence. 

Meet The Hosts Nashville Team  

Hosts Global | Discover Nashville

At the heart of our team lies a collective passion deeply rooted in the soul of Music City. Our team members are more than event planners; they are orchestrators of experiences, weaving the threads of their own creativity into the events they craft. Rooted in this dynamic city, our team’s commitment goes beyond logistics; it’s a dedication to infusing every event with the spirit of Nashville’s musical legacy. Thriving on the diversity of this city, our team’s expertise transforms events into dynamic journeys that resonate with the essence of Music City. Committed not just to the success but also the safety of every occasion, let us introduce you to a team that doesn’t just plan events; we craft immersive stories that unfold against the backdrop of our musically vibrant hometown. 

As you navigate the possibilities of Nashville, consider this guide your compass to crafting events that resonate with the city’s rhythmic heartbeat. Discover, engage, and create moments that harmonize with the rich musical heritage of Music City. 

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