Embracing Sustainability: Planning Eco-friendly Events in Washington DC 

Hosts Global | Discover Sustainable venues in Washington DC

In the heart of the nation’s capital, Washington DC exemplifies progress and innovation, extending its ethos to sustainable event planning. As environmental responsibility becomes paramount, selecting eco-friendly partners, venues, and suppliers for events in Washington DC is not just a trend—it’s a meaningful choice. The Hosts DC team is here to lead the way and to empower you to host successful and sustainable events. 


Our Commitment to Sustainability  

We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental impact, supporting local communities, and operating in a socially responsible manner. We actively partner with the Food Recovery Network to reduce food waste and contribute to feeding our local community. Additionally, we collaborate with Trees 4 Events, a mission combatting climate change through innovative travel and reforestation initiatives.   

  Hosts Global | Discover Sustainable venues in Washington DC

Venues Making a Positive Environmental Impact 

Washington DC boasts an array of LEED-certified event spaces. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture
This museum not only holds the distinction of being the first on the National Mall to be designed with sustainability standards but also boasts LEED Gold Certification. Its commitment to sustainability is embedded in its operations and facility management, utilizing energy-efficient systems and sustainable materials that minimize its environmental footprint. Hosting an event here offers a unique opportunity to align with and highlight these eco-friendly initiatives, providing a backdrop that is both historically significant and forward-thinking. 

LEED Certified Venues with Unique Settings
Washington D.C. is home to several LEED-certified buildings that offer rooftop venues, providing breathtaking views and a unique perspective of the city. These include: 

  • The International Spy Museum: Features a modern architectural design and sustainable building practices, offering a captivating setting for evening events. 
  • Potomac View Terrace: Located at the American Pharmacists Association headquarters, this venue offers a stunning panorama of the Potomac River, ideal for upscale receptions and corporate gatherings. 
  • 101 Constitution: Set to reopen soon, this venue promises state-of-the-art facilities and a rooftop view directly overlooking the Capitol, providing a prestigious environment for high-profile events and gatherings. 

Hosts Global | Discover Sustainable venues in Washington DC

Nationals Park
As the nation’s first LEED Certified major professional sports stadium, Nationals Park sets a standard for sustainability in sports facilities. The stadium incorporates several green design elements, including a green roof, energy-efficient lighting, and a sophisticated stormwater management system. It serves as an exemplary model of how large venues can operate sustainably without compromising on guest experience. Events held here can leverage this aspect to highlight a commitment to sustainability while enjoying America’s favorite pastime. 

Walter E. Washington Convention Center
One of the largest LEED Gold-certified buildings in the country, the Walter E. Washington Convention Center exemplifies what it means to blend size with sustainability. The facility boasts extensive recycling programs, uses sustainably sourced products, and features advanced energy and water-saving technologies. By choosing this venue, event planners can take advantage of its large, versatile spaces while also making a positive environmental statement. 

Eco-Friendly Catering by Partners  

Complement your green venue with environmentally conscious catering. Hosts DC exclusively partners with caterers committed to sustainability, offering locally sourced, seasonal menus, and practicing waste reduction. Align your event’s catering with your environmental values. 


Sustainability District  

DC’s CVB, Destination DC, is committed to establishing Washington, DC as a premier sustainable event destination, encouraging both locals and visitors to prioritize environmental responsibility while enjoying the city. In 2023, Destination DC launched the Sustainability District initiative to elevate sustainability commitments among suppliers in the hospitality industry, promoting a more sustainable place to live, visit, and host events. 

In Washington DC, hosting a sustainable and responsible event is not only possible but also rewarding. By choosing eco-friendly partners, you make a statement about the importance of environmental stewardship. These choices reduce the ecological footprint of your event while showcasing the capital’s best sustainable practices. Let your next event in Washington DC be a testament to the power of responsible planning. 

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