discover Unveiled: Navigating the Essence of Hosts Global’s 2024 Campaign with Jennifer Carlisle

Welcome to an exclusive Q&A session with Jennifer Carlisle, Senior Director of Marketing at Hosts Global. We sat down with Jennifer to discuss the essence of Hosts Global’s 2024 Campaign “discover,” exploring its inspiration, alignment with company values, and the exciting themes that will unfold throughout the year. 

Discover our Intentions in 2024!

Q1: What is the Hosts Global discover Campaign, and what inspired its creation? 

Jennifer Carlisle: The Hosts Global discover Campaign is more than just a concept; it’s our purpose. At our core, our role is to help planners discover the awe of our destinations around the globe, present creative possibilities, create legendary moments, and make destination management a seamless process for planners and hoteliers alike. 

Q2: How does the campaign align with Hosts Global’s goals? 

Jennifer Carlisle: Flawlessly, if I do say so myself. At Hosts Global, our goal is to be the premier destination management company globally. We’re achieving this by elevating our brand and alliance presence among meeting and incentive planners. We’re creating legendary programs around the world and were doing so in a way that is building long-lasting relationships with clients.  

Q3: Why did you choose “Discover” as the central theme for the campaign? 

Jennifer Carlisle: Honestly, it just felt right. Once I learned that “discover” was a theme we were going to use at our Hosts Global Forum, I thought, why not run with this? As an organization, our aim is to inspire destination and experiential discovery for our customers. To break through the noise in a typically leisure space and to inspire planners and hoteliers to discover meeting & event possibilities across 300+ destinations in our Hosts Global Alliance. When you discover Hosts, you discover endless opportunities for your next program.  

Q4: Can you provide an overview of the themes you plan to explore throughout the year? 

Jennifer Carlisle: Throughout this year, we plan to explore themes (or intent words as we call them) that truly lean in so-to-speak on our goals, mission and values as an organization. Together, we will discover vision, opportunities, creativity, wonder, and connection, as well as a handful of others! I can’t just give it all away – we want some to be a surprise. 

Q5: How do these intent themes contribute to the overall narrative of discovery? 

Jennifer Carlisle: These intent themes are meant to spark a feeling and emotion. They’re meant to inspire, motivate, and resonate with our teams, partners, and planners. They’re meant to spark a curiosity that pulls them closer to us here at Hosts. 

Q6: Where will we see the Discover Campaign? 

Jennifer Carlisle: All over! You’ll see this in our presentations, proposals, social media, blogs, and even at tradeshows! We’re all in… After all, we are one alliance.  

Q7: What do you hope people will take away from this campaign? 

Jennifer Carlisle: For a long while, Hosts has used the hashtag #LETUSBEYOURHOSTS – and I truly feel that with this campaign, we’re showing folks exactly why they should do just that.  My hope is that planners truly discover the wonder that lies within each and every one of our destinations. I hope that planners see and understand the benefits of DMCs and our alliance, as well as discover the endless possibilities when you team with Hosts. 

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