Hosts December Design Edition: Looking Back on 2023 with Style

We’ve made it to the last Design Edition of 2023, and we are already eagerly planning for 2024! This year has been quite the ride. Throughout the year, our members have been tirelessly dedicated, organizing events that have injected our Hosts Design Edition with a constant stream of awe-inspiring creativity. Each month, our releases have been a feast for the eyes, showcasing the boundless talent and ingenuity of our community.

December always brings a time of reflection. With 2024 quickly approaching, let’s take a minute to see what made 2023 fueled with creativity and intention, and one for the books.

Winter Blues event decor

January: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Winter can often be overlooked as a favorite season. Colder temperatures might not be a fan fave. However, winter can be a beautiful and majestic season with its own unique charm and character. One of the most iconic and captivating aspects of winter is, naturally, the snow! The sight of snow-covered landscapes can be truly mesmerizing, with everything looking pristine and white like a fresh blank canvas. Snowflakes falling from the sky, the crunching sound of snow underfoot, the sparkle that the snow has in the sun or moonlight. It just has a mystical feel. A little wonderland. Crisp, chilly air invigorates and energizes, and gives a nostalgic vibe of being a kid and remembering the best words ever uttered on a cold, chilly morning “Snow Day”. So how do take that feeling and recreate it in an event? Bring the mystical and wonder of winter and combine it with the fun feeling of being free to explore and play? And how do you play with a winter theme in maybe a not-so-winter climate? The answer? Decor! Colors! Food! Entertainment! This month we dove into winter themes (polar plunge style) that worked no matter what your climate is. So let’s see the ‘chill’ factor our Hosts Global Members brought to their events.

And while white sand might be a little different than white snow, we are here to show you that event themes – when done right, can be pulled off no matter where the destination is. Read more here.

Be Mine- pinks and soft hued decor

February: Be Mine

Winter might be well known for its cool tones like blues and whites- but when February hits everyone starts crushing on those reds and pinks. Valentines Day influenced color choices in this chilly month because they represent love, passion, and romance. Are you in love… with the pinks and reds? Or are the blue ice castle tones putting ice in your heart? Read more.

Green Decor for the St. Patty's Day celebrations

March: When Irish Eyes are Smiling

In honor of St. Patty’s Day, Hosts Global Design Edition went going green! Spring was just around the corner and many destinations started to see the new life spring brings, and that means hints of green. Not to mention all the green vibes St. Patrick’s Day influences in many destinations in March. See how some of our members took their events to a grand green scale through light, florals, food, and vibrant seating and tablescapes. Click to read more.

April: Earth Day, But Make it Every Day

In April we celebrated the beautiful planet that we call home, and what Hosts Global and our ferociously creative members are doing to protect it through sustainability efforts at our events. Implementing green sustainable initiatives can be as simple as using upcycled or reusable decor, choosing a sustainable venue that has practices in place- such as energy-efficient lighting, water-saving measures, and recycling facilities, using sustainable transportation solutions or walkable venues, choosing locally sourced, organic food and beverages to reduce the carbon footprint of the event, going paperless and using digital options for schedules, notifications, etc. And, partnering with companies for food recovery and reducing carbon emissions impact by planting trees are a huge step in making your event successfully green. Click to read more.

May: Blooming Brilliant Petal-Packed Events

In May we proved it is true what they say, “April Showers Bring May Flowers”. Picture this: you walk into an event venue, and your eyes are greeted by an explosion of color. Flowers transform any space into a mesmerizing wonderland, popping with hues that range from passionate reds to dreamy purples, and from sunny yellows to serene blues. They bring life and vibrancy to the scene, creating an instant visual spectacle that will leave your guests gasping in awe.

We dove headfirst into a world of vibrant colors, delightful fragrances, and pure floral fabulousness. We are showcased how our Hosts Global Members brought all the color, and the dreamy floral centerpieces that turn events into artistic creations.  That’s right, we spilled the pollen and tell you why flowers are nature’s showstoppers in action! Read More.


“I see trees of green. Red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you. And I think to myself….What a wonderful world”…

Color. Color everywhere. Ever imagine what our world would look like without the colors of the rainbow? Don’t- because it’s not pretty. Colors can brighten a room, darken a room, brighten a mood, change a mood, trigger a memory, create a memory, motivate, enchant, move, activate your senses through touch, taste, smell and so much more. Take a minute to think of the significance that color has in your life, your home, your event, go ahead we’ll wait.

The rainbow, with its magnificent display of colors, has captivated humanity since time immemorial. Whether it arcs gracefully across the sky after a rain shower or is created by sunlight passing through a waterfall’s mist, this awe-inspiring phenomenon never fails to evoke a sense of wonder and ageless joy. In June’s Design Edition, we embarked on a journey to explore the colors of the rainbow, all through event design. And let’s not forget what this colorful month also represents- Pride Month is a time when the LGBTQ+ community and its allies come together to honor diversity, equality, and the ongoing fight for LGBTQ+ rights. One of the most recognizable symbols associated with Pride is the rainbow flag, a vibrant display of colors that represents unity, pride, and the multifaceted identities within the community. Read more.

July: The Great Outdoors

In July we embraced the sun-kissed days and moonlit nights of summertime, our spirits were lifted by the allure of outdoor event decor and venues that sizzled like the temperatures. There’s an undeniable charm that summer brings, a sense of relaxation and ease that seems to settle over everything. It’s as if time slows down, granting us the opportunity to savor the longer days and balmy nights. (Especially when looking back in the winter!)

We basked in the open air, we found ourselves drawn to the outdoors, and sought respite under the warm embrace of the sun. We took a moment to unwind, we lounged in comfortable seating, immersed ourselves in the beauty of nature that surrounded us. We remembered the gentle rustling of leaves and the sweet scent of blooming flowers that created an idyllic atmosphere that made Mother Nature the ultimate backdrop for these enchanting events. Read more here.

August: Event Metamorphosis

In August we took a new approach to our design edition, trying something a little different! We broke out our blog into a few sections featuring “Event Metamorphosis” for 5 of our destinations. In the world of events, the transformation of a simple room into a captivating space is an art form that never fails to amaze. The magic began as planners and designers took an ordinary canvas and wove their creativity into it and turned it into a mesmerizing masterpiece. With carefully chosen elements like lighting, decor, and furnishings, these events and venues underwent remarkable metamorphosis, and transitioned from a blank space into an immersive experience.

These transformations held the power to set the tone, evoke emotions, and create lasting memories. From beach events to sound stages that transport guests, the possibilities were endless. It’s not just about changing the aesthetics; it’s about crafting an environment that tells a story, capturing a theme, and resonating with the event’s purpose.

When you witness a venue’s evolution from mundane to enchanting it is a testament to the skill and vision of our event professionals. Their ability to breathe life into a space, shaping it to fit the event’s unique identity, is a true marvel. So next time you attend an event, take a moment to appreciate the behind-the-scenes magic that turns four walls into a world of wonder. Read about all these event metamorphosis here.

September: Iconic Venues

For the month of September, we invite you to dive deeper into the enchanted theme of “Iconic Venues,” as shared by our esteemed Hosts Global Members across various destinations. You Immersed yourself in the opulence and allure of these legendary event spaces, each bearing its own unique character and storied history. “Iconic Venues” transported you to renowned destinations where architecture and atmosphere seamlessly wove into the narrative of these exclusive soirees. Click to read more.

October: Autumn Alchemy

As the leaves began their fiery transformation and the air turned crisp and cozy, the season of Autumn casted its enchanting spell on event planners and designers alike. Like skilled alchemists, we blended the rich hues of falling foliage, the warmth of pumpkin-spiced dreams, and the magic of harvest traditions to craft truly mesmerizing gatherings. This was a journey through ‘Autumn Alchemy,’ where well unraveled the secrets to brewing events that captured the spirit of fall, turning them into unforgettable experiences that were nothing short of enchanting. In short, we put a spell on you… Read more.

November: Festive Tablescaping

As the leaves began to fall, and the air wrapped you in a cozy hug leaving puffs of breath that lingered, the saying, “Tis’ the season” came to mind. You know the one, the holiday event season. Tables adorned with pumpkins and cornucopias and rich dark autumn hues for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, and get togethers in November. Tables embellished with blue and silver accents, shimmering like the starry night sky with gleaming menorahs and joyous traditions for Hanukkah in early December.  Trees and tablescapes trimmed with twinkling lights and colorful ornaments, wreaths, candles, classic reds and greens with touches of gold and silver for Christmas, and everything and every color in-between.

In this whimsical wonderland where tinsel (still) is the currency and sleigh bells (still) double as background music, ’tis the season to bring the sparkle to your events. We welcomed you to the jolly journey of ‘Festive Tablescaping: Making Holiday Magic for Your Events with Collective Style.’ The time of year when we decked the halls, and your tables – for a festive facelift. Let the merry madness continue! Click to read more.

We have much to be grateful for during this special time of year, and that especially includes you.  From all of us here at Hosts Global, we wish you holidays filled with fun and laughter, and very best wishes for a prosperous new year.  Cheers to 2024


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