Harbor to Harbor: Northeast Discovery


If you missed the LIVE webinar, don’t you worry – we’ve got you! Join Hosts Global, and Hosts Global Members Portfire Events and Roberts Event Group in a special Destination Spotlight Webinar featuring Boston, Maine, Delaware, and Philadelphia.

Embark on a journey to explore the diverse wonders and vibrant trends of the Northeast, guided by the insights of local experts. Traverse Boston’s historic Freedom Trail and vibrant neighborhoods, uncovering the city’s rich cultural heritage and cutting-edge innovation. Discover Maine’s rugged coastline and picturesque mountains, charming coastal towns, and tranquil retreats. Explore Delaware’s historic sites and coastal beauty, experiencing the state’s rich colonial heritage and vibrant arts scene. Experience Philadelphia’s revolutionary landmarks and bustling neighborhoods, vibrant culinary landscape, and cultural diversity. This webinar is your gateway to the latest discoveries, the must-visit locales, and the most thrilling developments in these dynamic regions. Join us to ignite your wanderlust and gain insider knowledge straight from the hearts of those who know these places best.

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