Add Gusto To Your Gathering

Goodbye, boring.
Hello, wowza.

Ho hum isn’t your style. It’s not ours either. From the floor to the rafters, we’ll immerse your guests in megawatt imagination with every detail for your events in Chicago.

Event furnishing

Set the scene for authentic connections with the right tables, bars, seating, linens and accents.


Textures, branding, colors. We bring intentional design to the table…the entire table.


Let’s activate your message, content and entertainment with stage design that attracts your attendees. No seat fillers needed.

Light & audio-visual services

From simple highlighting to complex video mapping on the side of a building, our custom AV installations are downright illuminating.

Floral & scenic design

Our petals have punch, such as branded hedge walls to full-blown scenic installations. Bloom, bloom, pow.

Brand activations

Don’t just brand it, let’s make sure they see it, hear it, feel it, remember it.

Ready for a flood of heart-eye emojis?

Your gathering is bursting with potential. We’ll bring the possibilities.