Group Tours & Adventures in the Big Easy

Unlock the spectacular

So much to discover, so little time. Uncover obscure gems, cruise along stunning scenery, fly over the city — there are endless ways to explore New Orleans and we have them all.

Custom tours

Excursions created specifically for your group? Absolutely! This level of creativity and destination expertise is where we shine.

City-wide activity planning

From registration management to transportation and tour execution, we crave these logistical masterpieces.

VIP & Behind-the-scene experiences

Harness our trusted contacts and relationships to ensure your guests feel important and receive the ultimate local experience.

Sightseeing excursions

From underground tours to scenic helicopter flights, your group will explore our destinations by land, sea and air.

Recreation Activities & Adventures

We believe in fun for all. From sailing, to biking, to ziplining -- we'll arrange the activities to excite everyone in the group.

A goldmine of experiences

Your gathering is bursting with potential. We’ll bring the possibilities.