Upping the Ante for Company's 50th Anniversary


How do you outdo yourself when planning a landmark event for a repeat client? Make it extremely playful and utterly meaningful.






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The goal

Create a fantastically fun evening celebrating the company’s last 50 years and all the people and work that it took to get there. They also wanted to commemorate where they’ve been and get their staff excited for where they’re headed.

The challenges

  • Hosts Baltimore celebrates with the same client year after year, and they trust the DMC to bring the very best every time. But how do you out-do your own best and brightest for the same group every summer?
  • Create a party of the year for a crowd with high expectations and a love for a good time, while simultaneously satisfying stakeholder needs to ground the evening in a genuine celebration of the company’s 50 years in business.
  • With the attendees’ mixed demographics, Hosts Baltimore had to creatively cater to many different tastes, personalities, and age groups.

Strategies & solutions

Go full-on fun

Hosts Baltimore produced the ultimate game night — Gaming Through the Decades that took attendees to various gaming pockets from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 00s. They brought back some decade favorites — Frogger, PONG, and Space Invaders for attendees to engage in some playful competition.

Take it back…all the way back

The memories didn’t just stop at the games. Hosts Baltimore outfitted each decade pocket with nostalgic sounds, faces, textures, and colors of the respective decades. Plus, they brought in MTV screen installations, an 80s band, LED bars, polaroid photo booths and more.

Walk down memory lane

Hosts Baltimore surprised stakeholders by bringing in real photos and original polaroids from the company’s 50-year history and featuring them on a larger than life photo wall. The images, highlighting landmark moments and employees from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the 00s, had everyone sharing laughs over the fond memories. Hosts Baltimore also featured old company logos on custom-printed LED bar fronts.


The night wasn’t simply about an anniversary. It was about family and the fun and experiences they’ve had over the past five decades. Guests didn’t just see the anniversary’s impact, they felt it. As coworkers looked up at the polaroid wall boasting photos of the founders, their coworkers, their first products, their early marketing campaigns, their old offices and the old technology, many pealed into laughter over the memories and bonded with colleagues old and new over cocktails. Their beaming smiles continued throughout the night as they played games from their past, their commitment to their company and coworkers and family fully renewed.

It's your turn

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