Actions and resources for future meetings and events, backed by a powerhouse of industry leaders.

Here we are. Drawing the map while blazing the trail. The truth is, if you’re reading this, you’re already an insider who knows that our industry is as tough as nails and will evolve quickly from COVID-19 to provide even greater value than we did before. How you say? Our team is tackling this head on to ensure we are driving best-practices through collaboration with the industry’s most brilliant minds. Just as important, we will be delivering proactive value through vetted strategies and tangible tactics to ensure we’re standing behind our ask that when the world starts traveling again, you #LetUsBeYourHosts.

So, let’s position this correctly … everything we’re working on is built with the understanding that, as we plan for meetings and events in the future:

  • Planners and all partners must be prepared to ensure that guests’ safety and sense of security is paramount.
  • Expectations will now be higher than ever – to leave the safety and comfort of home, the experience better be damn good.
  • Shareholder goals and ROI need to be met above and beyond. Period.
  • The world is rapidly changing … will some of the information here change? Yes. Will we pivot, evolve and share the latest with you? Absolutely.

Based on this, our team at Hosts is preparing you to #MeetWithConfidence by delivering the following:

  1. We’ve brought together a powerhouse of industry leaders to participate in service-specific talks, develop strategies and collaborate on new planning checklists for future meetings and events. To begin, the #MeetWithConfidence Talk Series will address topics ranging from the future of event design to reinventing the F&B experience, the planner’s new role of juggling risk/reward to elevating sustainability efforts and mindfulness. This series will run from MAY 28 – JUNE 25 and will include:

Planning checklists will be published in tandem with our talks. These and other resources are being developed with critical contributions from this group of leaders across industry resources.

  1. We’re also working locally to create a new norm for Hosts’ proposals with adjusted protocols and service standards specific to each destination. These standards will follow the safety recommendations as they are outlined by the CDC and state guidelines and mirror our new industry-supported planning checklists to ensure you #MeetWithConfidence. We understand not all groups will require the same level of security measures, but we’re establishing a vetted baseline to help guide our clients on vendor stability, pre-event communications, attendee health safety, design, entertainment, tours, data privacy and hybrid meetings (virtual and in-person experiences).

This much we know is true: our industry is no stranger to disruption and face-to-face connection is critical. We are here for you as we all journey into the future of meetings and events … let us all get there safely and be wowed by the outcome.


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For questions regarding Hosts’ planning checklists or new proposal standards, contact us directly.

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