Fast and Fastidious Turnaround for Pharma Sales Meeting


When we received an RFP for a 17-event program just six weeks before the start date, we sprung into immediate action.






Decision Maker


Program Days

The goal

Produce a national training meeting that would bring together pharmaceutical sales managers to celebrate the acquisition of a new company and kick off two new drug launches. The program would start as one, bringing both groups together for a one-day educational meeting, and then divide into two different programs that would operate simultaneously.

The challenges

  • A quick turnaround. We received the initial RFP just six weeks from the program start date. The task: produce a robust, creative proposal consisting of arrival/departure transfers, wellness activities, welcome reception decor/entertainment, dine arounds, and two final evening events — one for a group of 500 and the other for 1,200. Just one week later, the clients flew in for a three-day site inspection.
  • Venue flexibility. Since we submitted their proposal before any hotel contracts had been signed, our proposal had to be flexible enough to fit any event space or ballroom. Plus, each group would be housed in two different properties.

Strategies & solutions

Lean on insider knowledge

Because of our previous relationship with the client, we were fully aware what was expected of us and were able to easily bypass the guessing game to achieve exactly what the client wanted.

Leverage past program history

We were able to easily anticipate the client’s needs by pulling details from past programs, which helped to expedite decision making. We proposed strategic and limited options for each event, knowing the client had strict deadlines to keep things moving forward.

Don’t get too comfortable

The main client was a seasoned planner whose decision would not rely on our previous relationship. Once awarded the contract, it was vital to be dialed in on the details from the start. We immediately engaged operations to start planning logistics from the pitch. We also initiated daily internal check-ins with weekly strategy calls.

Engage the entire team

The program was a full-on collaboration among the entire Hosts Las Vegas team — sales, creative services, and operations. Since everyone was well-versed on every aspect of the program, we were able to be flexible and versatile during operations. Best part, anyone could jump in and help wherever needed.


After investing the entire team’s attention on this program and locking all the details into place in such a rapid amount of time, we were able to seamlessly and simultaneously pull off the varied events. Plus, because we worked in tandem with the client from the very beginning, we achieved our client’s vision and surpassed their expectations.

It's your turn

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