Recognizing our Teammates: The Hostsies

The sun has set on our 2017 Hosts Global company meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. All the participating cowboys and cowgirls enjoyed reflecting back on the successes and lessons learned throughout the past year and pushing full steam ahead with enthusiasm, creativity, strengthened procedures and strategic focus on 2018 and beyond. We enjoyed wrangling our teams from across the company with fun networking events and engaging education sessions that taught us to lasso behaviors that don’t propel communications in a mutually beneficial direction. At the closing of the meeting, we acknowledged our peers with our annual “Hostsie Awards”. Award winners are selected through company-wide voting and recognized by Hosts Global CEO, Jennifer Patino in front of their colleagues and friends. Congratulations to our 2017 Hostsie Award winners:

Liz Dodson

Team Player Award – Liz Dodson, Senior Project Manager, Hosts New Orleans
Liz personifies the “whatever it takes” team assist. She’s the first to volunteer, jump in and get it done, beyond the borders of her job description. Liz demonstrates a positive attitude and support of others to accomplish great work together.



Katie Davis

Rising Star Award – Katie Davis, Associate Director of Marketing, Hosts Global
Katie demonstrates great ability in her role and goes above and beyond for clients and colleagues all while embracing the “H Factor”. She demonstrates a desire and aptitude to grow her skill set and performs to a higher level than her current marketing role demands.



Gabby Spanton & Chelsea Seavitt

Innovation Award – 2 Winners!
Gabby Spanton, Executive Vice President, Business Development, Hosts Global Alliance
Chelsea Seavitt, Corporate Services Manager, Hosts Global
Both Gabby and Chelsea have developed ideas, actions and initiatives that have led to effective processes, new ways to connect with clients, innovations within Hosts and new revenue opportunities. They have both assessed the current state of the business and sought out/taken accountability for driving improvements.



Chelle Duke & Kendra Thalman

WE Award – 2 Winners!
Chelle Duke, Global Sales Coordinator, Hosts Global
Kendra Thalman, Operations Manager, Hosts Washington DC
Both Chelle and Kendra are committed to serving the greater Hosts community. They are involved in numerous initiatives, support many facets of the company and always say “yes” to taking on efforts that strengthen the performance of the Hosts team.



Terry Epton

Lifetime Achievement Award – Terry Epton, CIS, CITE, DMCP, President, Hosts New Orleans
Throughout his 35-year career with Hosts, Terry has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the company, his colleagues and the hospitality industry. He is a role model for colleagues growing their professional careers within the industry.



Karen Christensen

H Factor Award – Karen Christensen, CMP, Vice President, Global Sales
Karen exemplifies all 6 H Factor principles:

  • She provides exemplary service to clients, suppliers, industry, community and Hosts colleagues (Heart).
  • She demonstrates a sense of hospitality for clients, community, and industry (Hospitality).
  • Karen has an unwavering/focused attention to goals, both personal and professional (Hero).
  • She contributes to the growth and achievements of Hosts (Honors).
  • Karen adapts to change and promotes progress (Hip).
  • Lastly, she is a person that colleagues want to work with (Happiness).

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