Saint Lucy’s Day: A Magical Addition to Your Next Meeting or Incentive Trip

Attention, meeting and event planners! Imagine the perfect blend of tradition, culture, and celebration to make your next event truly unforgettable. In Saint Lucia and Sweden, December 13th offers a unique opportunity to infuse your gatherings with the magic of Saint Lucy’s Day, an occasion when light conquers darkness. Discover how the traditions of Saint Lucia (Sweden) and Saint Lucia (the island) can add that extra touch of enchantment to your upcoming meetings and incentives.

The Origins of Saint Lucy’s Day: Saint Lucy, a symbol of unwavering faith, has inspired celebrations in her honor for centuries. Her story, which dates back to the early 4th century, is a testament to the enduring power of tradition.

Saint Lucy in Sweden: Lucia, Saint of Light: In Sweden, Saint Lucy’s Day, known as “Luciadagen,” offers an incredible opportunity to brighten up your events. Lucia, symbolizing the return of light, adds a touch of splendor with her candle-adorned wreath. The Lucia procession, an age-old tradition, is perfect for creating captivating entrances and processions at your meetings and incentives. Let the aura of Lucia’s radiance dazzle your attendees, making your event truly memorable.

Saint Lucy’s Day in Saint Lucia: On the island of Saint Lucia, St. Lucy’s Day is celebrated with a vibrant blend of culture and tradition. It’s a feast for the senses, filled with colorful parades, captivating dances, and the beloved St. Lucia cake. Imagine infusing your event with the infectious spirit of Saint Lucia, using the island’s cultural richness as a backdrop. Be it the rhythmic beats of traditional dances or the enchanting aroma of St. Lucia cake, your attendees will be immersed in the island’s captivating traditions.

The Lucia Cake – A Sweet Connection: While you’re treating your attendees to unique cultural experiences, don’t forget the Lucia cake. Whether in Sweden or Saint Lucia, the saffron-infused delight of the Lucia cake is a sure way to impress your guests. This shared fragrant experience will linger in their memories long after the event is over.

Incorporating Saint Lucy’s Day into Your Event: Here’s where you, the meeting and event planners, have the power to weave Saint Lucy’s Day into your upcoming events. Consider creating a Lucia-themed entrance or processional for your meeting. Capture the essence of Saint Lucia in the d├ęcor, colors, and traditional elements. And, of course, let your attendees savor the Lucia cake, letting them participate in a shared cultural moment.

As a meeting or event planner, the world is your canvas, and Saint Lucy’s Day offers a unique palette of culture and tradition to add that extra dimension to your gatherings. Your attendees will appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of these enchanting traditions from Saint Lucia and Sweden. It’s an opportunity to make your events truly extraordinary and unforgettable.

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