The Impact of Modern Corporate Event Decor

Staying trendy and branded with your event décor isn’t always easy or a priority for some companies. But, times are changing. You could say that staying on trend is becoming the new trend, inspiring a whole new approach to corporate event décor.

We have started to move away from the “silver, white, with a pop of brand color” staple.  I think I can say on behalf of, well…mostly everyone, we are creatively thrilled!

What’s New and Now

Companies are incorporating more organic materials, greenery, and wooden elements into their aesthetic. They are punching up the experience with a rainbow of other colors, along with their brand colors to create a vivid atmosphere.

At Coachella, American Express’s on-site Card Member Lounge drew inspiration from the desert landscape, complete with potted cacti and patterned rugs. PHOTO: BizBash | Zack Whitford/

Popular Trends

  • Engaging Room Layouts – to encourage connection
  • Interactive Experiences – guests want to feel involved
  • Food Stations – becoming more of a décor focal point
  • Mid-Century Modern – wooden accents, vertical gardens, abstract fixtures
  • Copper – the new rose gold
  • Neon Signs – using bold colors and graphics
  • Contrasting Linens & Colors – giving designs more depth and variation

No longer can an event simply be unique. It has to wow and whoa your guests! Companies are now creating atmospheres and events that reflect more than just the brand itself, but what the brand represents.

HP’S Dreamland lounge colorfully engaged guests and celebrated how their technology encouraged creativity.  Infinity Marketing handled production. PHOTO: BizBash | Infinity Marketing

Build Décor Around Your Values

Today, companies want to create exciting environments to immerse their guests, while still showcasing their brand.

For example, designing an event based on organic materials and natural elements conveys a nod to the environment. Companies want their guests and employees to feel their values, not just be told what they are.

Leaving guests with a good feeling about a company is vital. It impacts the culture, plus the bottomline. Boldly combining creative décor with your brand is a surefire way to drive those good vibes guests are wanting. Plus, showcases the values your company believes in.

Michelle Schmidt

Creative Services Manager

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