5 Productivity Hacks Event Industry Professionals Are Thankful For

For most, Thanksgiving is for turkey feasts, football and making time for family and friends. It’s also the time of year we acknowledge what we’re thankful for – large or small.

Inspired by our own creative services teams throughout the country, here are some top hacks that have made us more productive and, even more effective, in our jobs and in the meetings and events industry.

Pomodoro Technique

What once was seen as the de facto working style of meeting planners everywhere, multitasking is now seen as the recipe for crazy and chaotic. The Pomodoro Technique encourages you to focus on ONE THING in a definitive amount of time, followed by a break. It works like this: Set a timer to work on a single task for 25 minutes. Then, break for 5 minutes. Then, repeat. Check out specific pomodoro timers, such as  PomoDone  and  Focus Booster.

Not enough hours in the day? Using a timer will help maximize your work time. Photo: Marcelo Leal

Scheduling Apps

Sometimes getting the entire planning team on the same calls at the same time is your first hurdle. The hurdle is even higher once you throw in staff members located across various time zones. Apps like  Doodle  and  Meeting Planner  make coordinating pre-planning meetings across time zones so much easier.

Online Crowdsourcing

A savvy meeting planner’s best kept secret (oh boy, we’re about to spill it): Brainstorming online with other planners!  Whatever challenge you’re facing or question you’re stumped on, another planner has already tackled it, answered it and mastered it. Facebook groups like  Delegate Wranglers  and  #EventProfs Mastermind  each have thousands of meeting planners trading ideas and solutions daily.

Take a shortcut to problem-solving by utilizing peer experience. Photo: Marvin Meyer

Inspo Sent Right to Your Inbox

Get ideas delivered directly to you by subscribing to emails such as  Pantone Color of the Day,  Fashion Trend Reports  and  PCMA’s Bites and Sites.

Pick a color, any color. Inspiration comes in many forms. Your inbox could spark your next big idea! Photo: Kaboompics.com

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