Hosts Global: Design Edition | April

Featured Hosts Global Members – 1st image: Cacique  |  2nd and 3rd Image: Portfire Events  |  4th Image: Hosts New Orleans 

Flowers are Blooming. Colors are Popping.
Spring has officially Sprung!

Welcome to Hosts Global’s  “The Design Edition“. Here we get to talk about all designtrends, color schemes, extraordinary entertainment and more.

It’s Spring! It may have taken some destinations a little longer to get there than others- but here we are.  What is it about spring that brings fresh new colorful palates to events? Maybe because winter seems to bring out the deeper darker hues so by spring everyone is ready to lighten up. Or maybe we take inspiration from nature with seeing all the new life that spring brings through flowers blooming and everything turning green again. Whichever way you see it one this is for sure- Spring brings on all the color, and the dreamy floral centerpieces that turn events into artistic creations.

Our Hosts Global Member in the Bahamas, Cacique, knows that roses are classic in every season. Portfire Events, our Hosts Global Affiliate in New England, brings different shades of pinks to create the perfect touch to their draped arch, and Hosts New Orleans combines fresh pops of color and muted neutrals in their centerpieces for a soft and glamorous look.




Featured Hosts Global Members – 1st image: Hosts Southern California  |  2nd Image: COTC Events  |  3rd Image: Portfire Events  |  4th Image: Hosts New Orleans  |  5th Image: Cacique  |  6th Image: Island Style Innovations  |  7th Image: Hosts Chicago  |  8th and 9th Image: Juice Studio   |  10th Image: Spectra UK


Spring and flowers go together like peanut butter and jelly.

That’s the beauty of spring- all the new life that starts to appear. Flowers start making a long awaited appearance to paint the earth with pinks, yellows, purples, oranges, greens, blues, and shades of white. Floral arrangements, centerpieces, and installations can do almost everything for an event. They can create a theme, bring the drama, provide the color palate, dress the table, create an ambiance, make a statement, create a natural element, be a backdrop, and work as art. Our Hosts Global members, Hosts Southern California, COTC Events in Southern Florida, Portfire Events, Hosts New Orleans, Cacique, Island Style Innovations in Hawaii, Hosts Chicago, Juice Studios in Georgia, Experience Holy City in Charleston and Spectra UK- understood the assignment with these bold and beautiful centerpieces.

Featured Hosts Global Members – 1st image: COTC Events  |  2nd Image: Experience Holy City


Featured Hosts Global Members – 1st image: Glamour DMC  |  2nd Image: IVI DMC  |  3rd Image: Hosts Baltimore  |  4th Image: Glamour DMC


Dining with a starry view
When those temperatures start warming up, nothing quite compares to hosting your event outside. Mother Nature provides the perfect balance of florals, twinkle lights, greenery, and wood that add a chic vibe.

See how Hosts Global Members Glamour DMC in Jamaica, IVI DMC Mexico, and Hosts Baltimore, took their events outdoors under the stars. These members created an enchanting ambiance with lights that twinkled like the stars. Day or night you can’t go wrong using natural elements, lights, and incredible views to provide a perfect color palate and setting for your event.



Featured Hosts Global Members – 1st image: Hosts Baltimore  |  2nd Image: Spaintacular  |  3rd Image: Hosts New Orleans  |  4th Image: Hosts Chicago

Your Event is a Stage
Immersive decor. Creating the perfect backdrop for your event creates symmetry for all the floral, entertainment, and tablescapes. And, it’s what instagram dreams are made of. Hosts Global Members Hosts Baltimore, Spaintacular Spain, Hosts New Orleans, and Hosts Chicago know how to create the ultimate backdrop that makes any event come to life.

Just like spring, Spectra UK’s decor is coming in like a Lion.



Featured Hosts Global Members –  1st image: Hosts Las Vegas  |  2nd Image: Hosts Texas  |  3rd Image: E2 Destination & Event Management  | 4th Image: Hosts Chicago  |  5th Image: Roberts Event Group  |  6th, 7th and 8th image: Hosts Las Vegas  |  9th Image: Group Services Inc DMC


Avant Garde and Ferociously Creative
When your entertainment is a statement piece, it’s something no one will forget. Here you will see some ferociously creative entertainment that wows every guest. Living art is the name of the game and Hosts Global Members Hosts Las Vegas, Hosts Chicago, Roberts Event Group in Pennsylvania, and Group Services Inc in Puerto Rico are champions at it.





In honor of Earth Day today, Hosts Global we be showing all the ways we try to reduce our carbon footprint on our social channels. Be sure to follow along for tips and tricks you too can incorporate sustainability in your every day life.
Let us help you incorporate some green initiatives into your next event!




Thank to you to the above listed contributing Hosts Global Members and Affiliates. Stay tuned for the next Design Edition featuring more Hosts Global Members and Affliliates and beautiful decor and event tips from our Ferociously Creative team!


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