Hosts October Design Edition: Autumn Alchemy

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Autumn Alchemy

As the leaves begin their fiery transformation and the air turns crisp and cozy, it’s the season of Autumn that casts its enchanting spell on event planners and designers alike. Like skilled alchemists, we blend the rich hues of falling foliage, the warmth of pumpkin-spiced dreams, and the magic of harvest traditions to craft truly mesmerizing gatherings. Join us on a journey through ‘Autumn Alchemy,’ where we’ll unravel the secrets to brewing events that capture the spirit of fall, turning them into unforgettable experiences that are nothing short of enchanting. In short, we’ll put a spell on you… 

Hosts Global Members: Experience Holy City | Operation Altitude | Hosts Louisville | Hosts Washington DC

Current Mood…

Let’s set the scene. Imagine an evening adorned with dark, moody florals and untamed wildflowers, where warm woods meet crisp linens, and candlelight dances in the company of brass and black accents. This is how we conjure the ambiance. We play with these deep, luxurious tones, contrasting them with the purity of white and cream, creating the very essence of autumn’s embrace as those first leaves gracefully descend. It’s a bit like falling under a spell, for as you gaze upon these hauntingly beautiful tablescapes, you’ll awaken to the realization that you are, in fact, an autumn person.  

The esteemed members of Hosts Global, including the maestros at Experience Holy City in Charleston, SC, the artisans at Operation Altitude in Colorado, along with the visionaries at Hosts Louisville and Hosts Washington DC, crafted their own versions of potions in cauldrons, but they conjured a different kind of magic. In Charleston, SC, Experience Holy City unearthed the mystical charm of the Holy City, while in Colorado, Operation Altitude revealed the secrets of high-altitude enchantment. Meanwhile, Hosts Louisville and Hosts Washington DC sourced the perfect elements to chase away the chill in the air and then masterfully infused it into the very essence of their events. 

Hosts Global Members: Cacique | COTC | Hosts Washington DC | Hosts Louisville

Fall flowers hit different

The allure of autumn blooms is something truly extraordinary. They carry a weight of depth and richness that’s unparalleled. Fall flowers have the uncanny ability to infuse a room with those profound, dark undertones, punctuated by bursts of color reminiscent of the season’s foliage.  Bewitching the tables they grace, they enchant the very tables they adorn, turning every setting into a mesmerizing canvas of nature’s artistry. 

Hosts Global Members, sun-soaked sorcerers at Cacique in the Bahamas and COTC in Miami have uncovered the recipe for the ultimate alchemy – blending the warmth of tropical climates with the irresistible charm of autumn. Meanwhile, Hosts Washington DC opts for a sustainable succulent approach, bringing the beauty of the desert to life, while Hosts Louisville weaves boho accents that pair perfectly with that honey-hued bourbon. It’s a tapestry of innovation that proves, in the world of events, you can truly have the best of both worlds. 

Hosts Global Members: Colours of Malta | Hosts Washington DC | Hosts Louisville | COTC |

Alluring Venues

Imagine the magic of your next gathering unfolding beneath the ancient, russet canopies of an enchanting forest glen, or within the ivy-clad walls of a centuries-old castle, where the very stones seem to whisper tales of autumns long past. Picture guests sipping warm spiced cider amidst the rustic elegance of a barn bathed in the golden hues of the season. These venues aren’t just spaces; they’re alchemical crucibles, where the natural beauty of autumn weaves its spell into every event. Discover the allure of these captivating venues, where the ambiance is as enchanting as the memories you’ll create. 

Hosts Global Member, Colours of Malta, ventured into the heart of autumn’s vineyards, where the season’s vibrant hues set the stage for their gatherings. Meanwhile, Hosts Washington DC wove a captivating tale within a room steeped in history, with its rich wood-paneled walls whispering tales of bygone eras. Over in Louisville, Hosts conjured the quintessential Kentucky setting, where barns, horses, and the symphony of leaves crunching beneath your feet at Hermitage Farms painted a portrait of autumn perfection. And, let’s not forget COTC and Cacique, who added the enchanting crescendo to the spell, serenading their events with the melodious waves crashing ashore. It’s a harmonious blend of locales, each embracing the essence of autumn in its unique, bewitching way. 

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