Our Commitment To You

As our global community navigates the personal and business implications of COVID-19, we want you to know, we understand the challenges you are facing during these unprecedented times.

We’re here for you – to talk, answer questions, help fill your bench and deliver solutions, wherever you’re headed, whenever the time is right.

Our team remains committed to our partnership and helping you produce experiences that make hearts soar, heads nod and businesses thrive around the world.

Our business climate is shifting but prioritizing your guests’ safety remains our #1 concern. As we maneuver meeting and event operations across our global destinations and prepare for next steps, Hosts Global makes the following commitments:

  • Leading with facts – We will continue to monitor the world’s leading health organizations and government authorities to ensure timely and pragmatic resolutions for our clients, partners and our employees.
  • Continuity of service – We have procedures in place to minimize the impact of significant business disruption. From financial health to operational soundness, we’re ready for what’s on the horizon.
  • Your local advocate – Our teams are closely monitoring key decision dates to ensure you’re not only prepared, but aware of all local options prior to making decisions.
  • Postponement support – For the health of our industry, we are encouraging all clients whose programs are affected by COVID-19 to postpone their group function as opposed to canceling. We will continue to work diligently to provide flexible terms and proactive communication regarding dates and availability for postponed programs across our global destinations.
  • Virtual solutions – As you consider alternative options for hosting your meetings and events, we are here to help you with virtual event solutions. From creating online group experiences to designing engaging digital presentations, we welcome any inquiries.
  • Measures to flatten the curve – For the safety of our employees and their families, we’ve instituted protective measures including ceasing all non-essential business travel and instructing our employees to work from home. These proactive precautions have no impact on our operations and our service to you will continue unaffected.

Thank you for the continued opportunity to serve you. Our family of DMCs takes great pride in being an extension of your team. May we always plan to ensure the health, safety and best possible solutions for one another around the globe.

Jennifer Patino, DMCP

Chief Executive Officer

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